Website Builder Comparison

54 percent of Wix customers are not satisfied*

How satisfied are the customers of Website Builders? To find out, I have compared the Trustpilot ratings from 4 home page kit providers: Jimdo, Webnode, Weebly and Wix. This is how customers rate the home page kits on Trustpilot:

1,766 Evaluated customer ratings [Source: Trustpilot Reviews*]

Customer experiences with Jimdo, Wix, Webnode and Weebly in comparison







Number of ratings on Trustpilot*






 58 %

82 %

39 %

31 %


10 %

11 %

11 %

10 %


3 %

0 %

4 %

5 %


5 %

2 %

9 %

7 %


24 %

4 %

37 %

47 %


*The figures are based on the valuations at Trustpilot. As of 30.06.2019. Trustpilot is a rating platform where companies can be rated even if they do not actively ask their customers for a rating themselves. For Trustpilot, a distinction must therefore be made between companies that actively collect ratings and those that only passively collect ratings. If a company collects only passive ratings, the overall rating is usually worse than for companies that also collect actively. This is because dissatisfied customers are more motivated than satisfied customers to give an evaluation without being asked to do so. None of the homepage kits compared here actively collected evaluations about Trustpilot during the comparison period.

In comparison: Jimdo, Webnode, Weebly and Wix

The Website Builder comparison is based on the ratings of Jimdo, Webnode, Weebly and Wix on the Trustpilot rating portal. I evaluated a total of 1,766 Trustpilot ratings. The status of the evaluations is 30.06.2019. To have a fair comparison, I only compared providers that do not use the active evaluation management of Trustpilot. This is because companies that actively ask their customers for ratings usually receive more good ratings than companies that do not. At Jimdo, most of the reviews were in German and a smaller part in English. For the other website builders, the ratings were more international. For languages I don’t understand, I used the deepl translation tool.

Jimdo: Some dissatisfaction because of increased prices

Jimdo logo

  • Opinions differ on service and support
  • The modular system is predominantly judged positively because of its simple handling.
  • Anger due to increased prices

A total of 274 customer ratings were evaluated on the open rating portal Trustpilot. 58 percent of the customers rated Jimdo with 5 stars, 10 percent with 4 stars. This means that a large majority of customers are satisfied with Jimdo. Jimdo received a lot of praise for the very good support. Although support is only available by e-mail, most customers are more than satisfied with Jimdo. The speed of the support is praised, but also the will to really help the customer. Mainly positive is also the construction kit. Here the simple, intuitive operability is praised, which makes it easy for inexperienced users to create a website. A number of the evaluators mention that they have been customers for years. Some users have several websites, all of which run on Jimdo. Even service providers use Jimdo and create websites and shops on behalf of customers using the building kit. Less frequently mentioned in the positive reviews was the reliability of the technology and design.

That upsets 29% of Jimdo customers

Jimdo was rated 3 stars neutral by 3 percent of the users. Two stars gave 5 percent, only one star 24 percent of the users. The main reason for the poor ratings is a price increase by Jimdo at the beginning of 2019. Although this was the first price increase since Jimdo was launched, it caused a lot of turmoil in the Jimdo fan community. Because the price of the cheapest premium package rose from 5,- to 9,- Euro per month. The customers are particularly annoyed by the fact that not only the prices have risen, but at the same time fewer services are offered. If domain and e-mail address were previously included in the price, they now cost extra. There is also anger over the missing support by telephone and the long waiting time with the written support. Obviously the experiences in terms of support diverge. Some customers express great annoyance about the blocking of websites and e-mail accounts by Jimdo. There is also criticism about Jimdo’s limited technical capabilities and missing features. There is hardly any criticism about the handling of the construction kit. 

Webnode: 93% satisfied customers, really?

  • Support and the construction kit for beginners are rated positively
  • Lack of functionality is evaluated negatively

At Webnode 203 customer evaluations could be evaluated. 82 percent rate Webnode with 5 stars, another 11 percent with 4 stars. This means that 93 percent of the Webnode ratings on Trustpilot are positive. Since a good part of the ratings are older, they have a lower value for Trustpilot, so that the Webnode overall rating is only 3 stars. A difference to Jimdo: While Jimdo’s ratings come mainly from Germany, Webnode’s customers seem to be more international. Webnode’s low costs, the fact that a website can be created very quickly and the construction kit is simple and flexible are rated positively. The maintenance of a website is also very easy. The functionality of the editor is praised, the beginner suitability as well as the large selection of design templates. However, most of the praise comes from Webnode’s support. The support is fast and the employees are very helpful beyond the necessary requirements. Somewhat irritating: Complete names of support employees appear, one name especially frequently. 

What the few critical voices are talking about

Only 2 percent of the ratings were rated with two stars, 4 percent with one star. The dissatisfied customers criticized the support, a not intuitive construction kit, the low possibilities to create a professional website, low memory and technical problems. What stands out: 1. there is not a rating with three stars. 2 Although Webnode is significantly less known, there are almost as many reviews as Jimdo and Weebly.  If you also rate the 4 star ratings as positive, you get 93% satisfied customers. And this on a portal, where the dissatisfied customers like to gather. I don’t know how you are, but I have some doubts about that.

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Weebly: Permanently free use delights the user

Weebly Logo für Website Builder Vergleich

  • Positive reviews for the design templates
  • The construction kit: rated from child’s play to complicated
  • Split opinions on Weebly Support

I evaluated a total of 231 customer reviews for Weebly. 39 percent of the ratings received 5 stars, 11 percent 4 stars. The ratings come both from users who claim to have just created their site and from long-term customers. In a number of ratings it is mentioned that several websites have already been created with Weebly. The easy handling of the construction kit, the fair price, the support and the professional look of the websites were mentioned positively. The support causes some evaluators to be really enthusiastic.

Praise from beginners and experienced users

The construction kit is praised for being easy to use, even for beginners. At the same time, service providers who use Weebly to create websites for their customers also take the floor. Also from this side there are very positive evaluations. They praise professional tools and that the Homepage Baukasten would be continuously developed further. Also over Tablet one can serve the building set well. There is also praise for the app, which informs about incoming orders in the Weebly Shop. Not surprisingly: The possibility to use Weebly permanently free of charge is also met with enthusiasm.


Weebly is rated neutral with 3 stars by 4 percent of the reviewers. Of the dissatisfied customers, 9 percent rated Weebly with 2 stars and 37 percent with 1 star. Weebly customers are annoyed because of the support, problems with termination of the contract and technical problems. Obviously the opinions with the Weebly Support go thus far apart. While some users are enthusiastic, others accuse Weebly Support of arrogance and incompetence. The employees are unfriendly and unable to help solve problems. In addition, it would take a long time for an answer to come at all. Another negative aspect is that support times are only geared to customers from the USA. The support only speaks English.

Problems with cancellation of the Weebly contract

Problems with the termination of the Weebly contract are mentioned several times. Some users accuse Weebly of debiting money even after termination. Longtime customers from Russia and the Ukraine are very annoyed, because the complete traffic from these countries was suddenly blocked without warning. Other users report that their pages have been taken offline without warning. In addition, the handling of the construction kit is occasionally rated negatively. The use of the construction kit is complicated and templates do not work.

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Wix: Why so many ratings are negative

  • The Website Builder in particular is rated positively
  • 54 percent of reviewers are angry
  • The topic of bank charges keeps appearing again and again

For the Website Builder Wix I evaluated 1,058 reviews. 31 percent of the ratings had 5 stars, 10 percent had 4 stars. The top topics in the positive ratings: The ease of use and support. Further topics: Features, SEO, price, design and beginner suitability. The Wix Website Builder and Support are by far the most popular topics among the positive reviews. Further topics: Functions, SEO, price, design and beginner suitability.

Easy to use

The Wix Website Builder is praised for being very easy to use. Beginners are pleased that they can create a page within a few hours using the Wix building kit. But there are also users who have already created a number of websites. In terms of support, even with the positive reviews, opinions differ. Some users report fast help within a few minutes. Other users write that it can take up to 14 days for an answer to arrive. In contrast to the negative reviewers however understanding is raised for this, since the advantages for these users outweigh apparently.

Praise for App Market, Templates and Video Options

Positive mention is also made of the fact that the editor and the Wix features have greatly improved in recent years. Among the features the free image database, nice design templates, the App Market and the video options are praised. It is also well received that not only website, shop and blog can be created with Wix, you can also set up a forum on your website. The price of Wix is considered reasonable. Occasionally the topic SEO is dealt with. The SEO features are good and the own website would rank well with Wix. Occasionally the satisfied users express their astonishment about the numerous negative evaluations.


The proportion of mediocre and negative ratings is highest at Wix compared to Jimdo, Weebly and Webnode. 5 percent of reviewers give 3 stars, 7 percent give 2 stars and 47 percent give only one star. By far the most complaints relate to billing problems and support. Discontent due to technical problems, low suitability for search engine optimization, unprofessional appearance of the pages and web pages that are put offline without announcement follow some way behind. There is also criticism that Wix is not suitable for running an online shop. For example, it is not possible to specify several VAT rates. The construction kit itself is criticized by only a few users. They criticize missing functions and bad usability. In part, the editor is even mentioned positively in the negative ratings, but the overall negative experience cannot outweigh these users. It is reported again and again that Wix has unlawfully debited money. Despite the cancellation of the contract, Wix was still debited. Users also write that their contracts have been extended automatically, although they have marked in the contract that they do not want an extension.

Wix waiting queue

Support complains that you are waiting in the queue for hours. It would take a very long time to get an answer in writing. Sometimes there would be no answer at all. Occasionally it is noted that the Wix Customer Support used to be good, but has changed completely over time. Now the employees are unfriendly, disinterested and unable to help the customer. Some users suspect that support has been outsourced. The users are also not very enthusiastic about the fact that the support is only available in English. Complaints about technical problems refer several times to the fact that it is not possible to publish content. It is also reported that changes to the website are simply reset by Wix overnight, so users have to do the work twice. Occasionally it is also reported that websites would be put offline by Wix without prior notice. However, there are also voices from dissatisfied customers who are satisfied with Wix’s technology. There has been criticism about SEO. The Wix pages are so badly programmed that it is practically impossible to achieve good rankings on Google.

Conclusion of the Website Builder Comparison

Although Webnode has 93 percent positive reviews on Trustpilot, I can’t see Webnode in first place in terms of customer satisfaction. Webnode’s ratings are relatively old and I think the rating profile looks a bit odd. Trustpilot calculates a time factor in the overall score so that Webnode gets an overall score of 3 stars for Trustpilot. If you let this time factor out, Webnode would get an overall score of 4.6 stars. That’s a grade I find hard to believe for a complex service like a website builder. Jimdo’s profile with an overall rating of 3 stars looks much more realistic. If you also leave out the time factor in Jimdo, you get an average score of 3.7 stars.  That’s why Jimdo is the winner of the comparison for me. An average of 3 (or 3.7) stars is a very good result in an open rating portal.

About me and my experience with reviews

I have worked for three review companies in the past. These include Trusted Shops and a social media monitoring company that offers review monitoring.

Want to read the reviews yourself? You can read all of the Jimdo Reviews here, the Webnode Reviews can be founde here, the Weebly Reviews can be founde here and the WIX Reviews can be founde here. Please note that I made the Website Builder comparison based on Trustpilot review data from June 30th 2019. So there may be changes to the results by the time you read the reviews.