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– The most frequently asked questions about search engine rankings –


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SEO, Google and better rankings

Probably everyone who runs a website wants to know his page well placed in the organic search engine of Google. But only very few site operators make it into the Google Top 10 positions. This can be quite frustrating. Especially e-commerce and SEO beginners have questions about search engine rankings over and over again. I have collected the most frequently asked questions here:

What is a search engine ranking?

Ranking means the same as the term search engine placement. The ranking is the position at which our website is placed in the organic Google search. When ranking, it is always important to know with which keywords, i.e. with which search terms, our website is ranked.

What does organic search mean?

There are two types of rankings in Google search results: The paid results and the unpaid results. Paid results are ranked by Google Ads and are usually ahead of organic results. If you want your website to reach this top position, you can do this by booking Google Ads. The charming thing about Google Ads is that you can immediately stand at position 1 of Google. The big disadvantage: Every click costs. With the organic positioning in search machines the entry is free. However, with the organic position, we have no direct control over where our website lands. In order to score in the organic search on Google, the website must be optimized according to SEO criteria.

Why a good search engine ranking is important

A good search engine placement ensures that you get visitors to your website even without the Google Ads placement. Specifically, a good ranking means a position on the first page. If you are not listed with a keyword within the Google Top 10, the chance to get visitors through the organic search is almost zero. 

What is my search engine ranking?

In the Google Search Console we find out which keywords are used to find us at which position on Google. You can use the Google Search Console permanently for free. As an alternative to the Seach Console, professional SEO tools such as SEMrush (partner link) or XOVI (partner link) are available. With these tools for placement control in the organic Google search, we see the current ranking unlike in the Search Console not only after a few days. It is also easier to recognize changes in placements with the SEO Tool and we can find out which keywords competitors rank with.

What does the search engine position of a website depend on?

There are about 200 factors on which the ranking of a website depends. The most important ranking factors include high-quality content and backlinks. You can find out more about this topic under SEO.

How hard is it to get a better Google position?

The search engine ranking depends on numerous factors. For example, whether it is a long tail or a short tail keyword. The strength of the competition plays a big role as well as the strength of the own domain. In a nutshell, the less competition there is for a keyword and the stronger our own domain is, the easier it becomes to rank well.

How to improve search engine rankings

We can improve the Google Ranking through search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization means that you optimize a website so that it achieves a better ranking. Optimization includes both OnPage and OffPage measures. OnPage measures include, among other things, eliminating technical problems on the website, improving loading speed and optimizing content. OffPage measures include the acquisition of good backlinks and social signals.

How long does it take for the ranking to improve?

This cannot be said in general terms as it depends on a number of factors. Basically, OnPage measures can quickly have a positive impact on search engine rankings. For this you should re-index the page after optimization in the Search Console. Sometimes we can achieve a better ranking just a few minutes later. However, it often takes much longer until the ranking improves. Especially with OffPage measures it can take weeks and months until the ranking improves. 


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