The checklist for your online shop

118 suggestions for your webshop. Create your own to-do list from them

Webshop Checkliste

118 tips and to-dos for creating your online shop

Many companies want to earn money in online trading. But even large companies fail again and again. If you still want to become independent in e-commerce and create your own online shop, the right strategy and focus are important. Then you can still be successful in online trading today. The checklist for e-commerce beginners contains ideas, to-dos and questions to help you plan and implement your online shop. Simply select the points that are relevant for you and the creation of your online shop and put together your personal checklist.

Planning stage

Onlineshop erstellen Checkliste Plan erstellen

  1. Are you really sure you want to create an online store? If so, go ahead.
  2. Should the shop be created by an agency or should it be a low-budget solution? The creation of an online shop by an agency is simpler and more promising.
  3. Select agency carefully. Have references given before conclusion of contract.
  4. If you want to create your own online shop: Choose your own shop software. Compare different shop systems and use the mostly free test possibilities. Check user-friendliness and whether the desired functions can be implemented.
  5. Make sure that the shop software can withstand not only the current but also the future requirements of your web shop.
  6. Principle Mobile First observe.
  7. Select a Powerful Hosting Provider.
  8. Find company name.
  9. Register matching domain name.
  10. Have your logo designed.
  11. Define design and corporate colors for the creation of the online shop.
  12. Financing and business plan
  13. Organize business premises and warehouses
  14. Employees and representation during illness and holidays. Ensure that the online shop runs smoothly 365 days a year.
  15. Think long term, even if you start out of the living room.

The target group of your online shop

Onlineshop erstellen Checkliste Zielgruppe

  1. Define target group
  2. B2C or B2B trade?
  3. Do you only want to sell nationally or internationally? By an EU regulation every online retailer is obliged to sell beyond his own country's borders, but he is not obliged to deliver abroad. The customer must then, for example, be given the option of picking up the goods himself.
  4. USP: What is the unique selling point of your online shop for the target group?
  5. Should your online trade be aimed at customers who buy from you once or do you offer an assortment that encourages customers to make regular new purchases?
  6. Do you offer consumer goods where a subscription model might make sense? Example: Animal feed, contact lenses, cosmetics.
  7. Align the design of the shop with the target group.
  8. Convince target group with video testimonials.

Shop features

Onlineshop Checkliste Funktionen

  1. search function
  2. sorting function
  3. memory function
  4. Zoom for images
  5. Call To Action: Invite the customer to take action
  6. FAQ
  7. Link to social media profiles
  8. language options
  9. currency converter
  10. Set up notification function for sold out products in online shop
  11. Display statistics on the product pages on how often a product has been viewed, noticed and sold. Only useful if the product has already sold well!
  12. Optimize the loading speed of your online shop.

All about the products in your online shop

Online-Shop Produkte im Shop

  1. Selection of products in your online shop. Ensure a meaningful structure in the assortment selection.
  2. Classification of products into clear categories
  3. How many products do you want to include in your assortment?
  4. PIM System: Do you need a product information system?
  5. Optimize product titles
  6. What is the return rate usually for the product group you have selected?
  7. How much effort can be expected for returns processing? Different depending on the product. Renew the outer packaging, re-iron crumpled clothing, etc.
  8. Where to buy? European manufacturer, Alibaba, wholesaler?
  9. Buy goods or use Dropshipping?
  10. In which quantities do you want to buy goods for your online shop at the beginning? How flexible do you want to be? How flexible and fast is your supplier?
  11. How is the product quality ensured at your supplier? How is the delivery speed? Irregularities fall back on you and your shop!
  12. Determine prices: Research the competitiveness of your prices. Set your margin high enough! New online merchants often calculate too tightly.
  13. Are your products customizable?
  14. Create product descriptions with informative content. The manufacturer texts are suboptimal, because Duplicate content.
  15. Offer possibility for product reviews
  16. Use high-quality product photos.
  17. Show product videos

Customer loyalty

Onlineshop Checkliste Kundenbindung

  1. Usability: Ensure a user-friendly online shop. The shop must be intuitive and easy to use.
  2. Customer feedback: Ask your customers for feedback and let them rate you
  3. Show reviews in shop
  4. Deal professionally with dissatisfied customers!
  5. Customer hotline: Show your phone number on the home page.
  6. Live Chat
  7. Offer contact via Whatsapp and FB Messenger.
  8. Thank you Set up page after purchase
  9. Option to cancel the order -> reduction of the return rate
  10. Possibility to order samples.
  11. Offer customer cards or other customer loyalty programs
  12. Increase customer loyalty to your online shop with useful background information and a blog.
  13. Send Support Mail one to two weeks after purchase (depending on product).
  14. Choice of different shipping methods.
  15. Tutorials: Depending on the product, a video tutorial is helpful for the customer. Tutorials can help your online shop to get a better ranking.
  16. Organize customer events

More turnover

Mehr Umsatz im Onlineshop

  1. Clear concept, so that the customer immediately understands what to expect in your online shop
  2. The fewer clicks required to complete a purchase, the fewer cancellations of the purchase
  3. Can you solve a customer problem with your online shop? Example Sock subscription, no more running around with holes in your socks, because there is always a supply of new socks.
  4. Optimize Check-out
  5. Define goals and keep an eye on KPIs.
  6. Additional sales: offer similar or complementary products in checkout offer.
  7. Use the quality seal in a clearly visible place.
  8. Use other sales channels in addition to your online shop: Amazon, eBay, Real, Allyouneed, Groupon, stationary, Idealo.
  9. Coupon actions
  10. Analyze user behavior and optimize conversion rate
  11. A/B Perform tests
  12. Insert Exit Intent Popup
  13. Activate notification function / push messages
  14. Share button on each product page.
  15. After the completed sale the customers offer to register themselves.
  16. After the purchase has been completed, you can register for the newsletter. Giving a voucher for the next purchase as an incentive.
  17. Include a voucher for the next purchase with the delivery.
  18. Free shipping on reaching a certain order value.
  19. Place the Check-out button at the top and bottom of the page.

Delivery options and payment in the online shop

Online-Shop erstellen Checkliste Lieferung

  1. Shipping: Send it yourself or commission fulfillment provider
  2. Do you bring parcels to the post office yourself or have them picked up?
  3. Take care of packaging material: Have suitable carton sizes in stock, filling material
  4. Have your shipping cartons printed with your logo and URL.
  5. Decide which shipping service provider you want to use for your online shop. DHL, Hermes, DPD, GLS? A parcel service or several options to choose from for your online customers?
  6. Offer delivery on the desired date?
  7. Shipping confirmation
  8. Shipment tracking
  9. Offer free shipping?
  10. Who's gonna pay the return postage, you or the customer?
  11. What payment methods do you want to offer? Paypal, Klarna (instant bank transfer, invoice, installment purchase), Giropay, credit cards, cash on delivery, direct debit, Amazon Pay?
  12. How are you going to protect yourself from defaults?
  13. If you also have a stationary shop: offer option to reserve online and pick up on site. Or vice versa: Select on site and have it delivered to your home (practical for the customer, e.g. for Christmas shopping or bulky items).


Marketingplan Onlineshop Checkliste

  1. Create marketing plan
  2. SEO: Optimize your online shop with a tool like SEMrush or XOVI for Google.
  3. SEA: Switch AdWords
  4. Offline Advertising
  5. Telephone marketing in B2B online trade
  6. Offer Affiliate Program
  7. Offer newsletter
  8. Use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for catching and retaining customers. Depending on the target group of the online shop, networks such as Xing, LinkedIn and Twitter can also make sense. For a very young target group Snapchat.
  9. Youtube Channel for your online shop, especially for products in need of explanation
  10. Viral Marketing and Growth Hacking
  11. Not only Google for advertising campaigns use, also Bing can be worthwhile.
  12. Continuous optimisation of campaigns.
  13. Collaboration with bloggers and influencers.
  14. Last but not least, be an experimenter and test as much as possible. But, don't test everything at the same time. It's about finding out what works for your online shop and how you generate the most revenue.

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