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How XOVI helps us to rank on page 1

(Without having to hire an expensive SEO agency)


Would you like to have a maximum of visitors to your website or online shop?

Tired of not getting good rankings on Google?

Hello and welcome to my website. I’ve looked at the XOVI All-In-One Online Marketing Suite for you. The SEO tool that allows you to improve your Google rankings without paying a lot of money to an SEO agency.

So if you want a good search engine ranking and want to be independent from an expensive SEO agency, you have to read my report!

Just take a few minutes and read the article about XOVI. The tool that many of your more successful competitors are probably already using.

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How to use XOVI to improve your search engine ranking on Google without spending a lot of money on it

  • If you have failed so far to improve the search engine rankings of your website, then you feel like many page operators
  • If you’ve ever worried that you won’t succeed in improving your Google Rankings yourself, forget those worries.
  • Expensive SEO agencies want you to believe that you can’t optimize your website yourself, but that’s not true.
  • Therefore I would like to show you here how you can take your online marketing into your own hands, even without paying a lot of money to an SEO agency.

Why this page

  • I would like to provide online merchants and site operators who want to have more visitors to their website and be independent of external service providers with information that will help them reach their goal.
  • If you don’t want (or can) hire an SEO service provider, the only way to get more organic traffic is to optimize your site yourself.
  • An excellent way to achieve this is to use the XOVI Online Marketing Suite

What is XOVI?

  • XOVI is an all-in-one online marketing tool for SEO, SEA and social media.
  • The Cologne-based company XOVI has been offering its SaaS solution for online marketing since 2009.
  • Today, XOVI has clients from all over Europe, including small and large companies as well as numerous SEO agencies.
  • Since 2017, XOVI has been part of Plesk, the leading platform for securing websites.

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Was tun, um die Google Suchmaschinen Platzierung zu verbessern?

Who owns XOVI?

  • XOVI GmbH was founded by Maik Benske, who was self-employed with an internet agency before he developed the All-In-One online marketing tool.
  • Meanwhile, XOVI GmbH consists of a team of about 25 online marketing specialists who are continuously working on the further development of the SEO tool.
  • While competitor Sistrix has developed several modules that have to be paid individually, XOVI has focused in recent years on developing a tool that covers all areas of online marketing and is also affordable for small companies.

What does that mean to you?

  • XOVI solves the problems of website operators who cannot or do not want to afford an SEO agency.
  • Due to the manageable price, even small companies can afford the online marketing tool.
  • You can work with the same tool that large companies and renowned SEO agencies use.
  • With tutorials, nice support, webinars and training at XOVI, you can work with the online marketing tool even if you don’t know anything about SEO yet.

What XOVI customers say about the tool

When I worked for an SEO agency in 2017, I made good experiences with XOVI GmbH myself, especially with the support if I did not understand something. But I also took a look at what other XOVI customers have experienced. So here are a few quotes I found at Google Reviews :

XOVI Erfahrungen Tim
XOVI Erfahrungen Winfried
XOVI Erfahrungen Christoph
XOVI Erfahrungen Fabian
XOVI Erfahrungen Justina
XOVI Erfahrungen Maria

Quelle: XOVI Google Reviews

These are 3 of the “secrets” that XOVI has in store for you.

All in all there are far more

  • “Secret” #1: With XOVI you not only learn which keywords your own page is ranked with, but also which keywords your competitors are ranked with.

  • “Secret” #2: You will learn which exact terms you have to use how often in your texts in order for the text to rank.
  • “Secret” #3: You’ll find out which ads your competitors place on Google. Not only which ads they currently place, but also which ads were placed in the past.


XOVI Keyword tool

#1 Discover which keywords your competitors rank with

XOVI Keywordtool Screenshot

#1: How to find out which keywords your competitors rank with

  • To find out with which keywords your own page or the pages of your competitors rank on Google, you just have to enter the domain in the keyword tool of XOVI and all keywords and placement within the search engine will be automatically spat out. 
  • Since successful websites naturally rank with a lot of keywords, you can easily select the keywords according to your desired criteria at XOVI.
  • For example, you can display only those keywords that have a certain search volume or keywords with a low competition or only those keywords with certain rankings.

#1 – Some website operators believe…

  • Some site operators may think they don’t know enough about SEO to use the knowledge of their competitors’ rankings for their own search engine optimization. In the end, it is quite simple:
  • Select in the Keywordtool after the number of words, i.e. you select e.g. Keywords, which consist of at least 3 terms. This way you get a list with long tail keywords of the competitor. Now select the keywords that are interesting for you and create content for the corresponding long tail keywords. Because with Long Tail Keywords it is not only easier to achieve good rankings, the visitors who come to your site through Long Tail Keywords also have a significantly higher completion rate.
  • Select by keywords that have low competition. In this way you will find interesting keywords that will make it easier to achieve good rankings.

#1 – What it leads to if you use the keywords of competitors for you

  • The keyword analysis of competitors is one of the first things a professional and success-oriented SEO agency does when working for a client. 
  • The simplest way to find out which keywords can be used to achieve fast ranking profits is to use the keyword analysis of your competitors.
  • This means targeted improvement of the search engine placement and thus maximum number of visitors in a short time

#1 – More visitors and higher conversion rate

  • The use of this one function alone can lead to a noticeable increase in the number of visitors in the shop or on the website.
  • At the same time, the quality of the visitors and thus the conversion rate (i.e. ultimately the turnover) can be increased.
  • You see that SEO can also be easy for beginners. The only thing you need is the right tool.

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Content optimization with XOVI

#2 Learn which topics and terms must appear in the text in order for it to rank

XOVI Tool Textoptimierung WDF IDF Screenshot

#2: Content is king, right? – Why your page does not rank despite good content so far

  • If you have tried to optimize your search engine rankings in the past, you will have read more than once to the term “content is king”.
  • How often have you found that your texts don’t entwine, even though you have thought a lot about them and done a lot of work with them?
  • Many site operators invest a lot of time to produce great content, only to find out at the end that their site is not ranked.
  • Almost even worse: If the content leads to the page rankt – but for the wrong terms

#2 – What TF*IDF is all about

  • Previously, google has made it easy for site operators to create a few links, high keyword density and finished. Today it works a bit differently and that’s also good so
  • TF*IDF is a formula used to calculate the weighting of certain words on a website
  • The content of different websites can be compared with the TF*IDF formula
  • By using the formula you can increase the relevance of your site compared to competitors
  • Sounds complicated, but happens automatically with the XOVI text optimization tool.

#2 How does the XOVI text optimization tool work?

  • If your page already exists, enter the URL and the term you would like to rank with into the tool
  • The TF*IDF tool then analyzes the pages that currently rank best on Google and compares the content of your page with the top ranked search results.
  • This will result in recommendations as to which terms and topics you should include in the text and which words you should perhaps reduce.
  • With the help of the tool you can optimize your text so that it has a better chance of being regarded as relevant by Google.

#2 Produce relevant content in less time

  • Existing content is optimized with the text optimization tool so that they rank better.
  • For new content, the XOVI WDF*IDF tool provides valuable hints that simplify text creation, save valuable time and at the same time lead to better placement in the search engine.
  • Better visibility of the website and therefore more visitors.

The XOVI SEA Tool with Google Ads Competition Analysis

#3 Find out which keywords your competitors use for Google Ads

XOVI SEA Tool Screenshot

#3: How some site operators burn money with Google Ads

  • With the question whether SEO or SEA brings more success, the spirits divide
  • Some people rely exclusively on search engine optimization and shy away from spending money on ads.
  • Others rely exclusively on Google Ads
  • If you want a maximum of visitors, it makes sense to use SEO and SEA
  • Many people who use Google Ads do one thing above all: burn money. You should avoid that.

#3: Curse and blessing from Google Ads

  • In contrast to search engine optimization, Google Ads can immediately lead to more visitors.
  • You pay for the advertising circuit and can appear immediately at the top of page 1.
  • Advantage: Immediate visitors for your website
  • Disadvantage: The danger of losing good money with Google Ads is great
  • How much money have you already lost with Google Ads?

#3  How the XOVI SEA Tool Helps You  

  • XOVI’s SEA tool can be used to monitor your own campaigns as well as those of competitors.
  • The tool helps you to see more quickly which ads perform well and with which ads you only lose money.
  • You can see on which keywords your competitors place ads
  • Competitors’ historical data can reveal whether an ad campaign has been successful or not, helping to drive successful campaigns yourself.

#3 Learning from the mistakes of competitors

  • The campaign tracking of competitors helps to learn from the mistakes of competitors and to lose less money unnecessarily.
  • Interesting keywords are discovered
  • Tracking of own campaigns leads to more efficient use of budget and higher ROI

With these 3 Insights, you have now received your first small excerpt of the advantages XOVI offers you:

  • #1: You get the keywords of your competitors served and can use this for your own advantage
  • #2: You will be given the exact terms that must appear in your texts in order for your content to rank.
  • #3: Campaign tracking of Google Ads allows you to place ads more profitably than before.


XOVI All-In-One Online Marketing Suite is all about that,

To help site operators and companies attract as many visitors as possible to the website and online shop. And this without being dependent on an SEO agency or other external service providers. How fast you see results (better rankings, more visitors, better conversions, Google Ads) depends on how well your site is optimized at the moment. How long it takes depends among other things on the strength of the domain and the targeted keyword. The XOVI Challenge has shown that it is possible to make it to Google page 1 in just 4 weeks.

That’s what you get:


  • Keyword Tool
  • Keywords Overview
  • Tutorial (also the instructions of the XOVI Challenge)
  • Detail analyses
  • International Google Keyword Analysis
  • Ranking Value
  • Keyword competitor analysis
  • Opportunities Discover keywords
  • Keyword research
  • Monitoring Tool
  • Überwachung des Rankings in 197 Ländern
  • Daily ranking updates of the keywords
  • Onpage Analyse
  • Unlimited Optimization
  • Unlimited analyses
  • WDF*IDF analysis for ideal SEO texts
  • Detailed evaluations
  • backlink checker
  • Link Analyses
  • Analyze competitor backlinks
  • Disavow-Tool to prevent penalties by Google
  • Recover lost rankings
  • Targeted backliner construction
  • Linkmanager to monitor link cooperations
  • Social Media Monitoring Tool
  • Improve social media performance
  • SEA tool for competitor analysis
  • Top ads keywords at a glance
  • Google Search Analytics & Web Analytics
  • Visitor numbers at a glance
  • Exploit traffic potentials
  • Possibility to integrate Analytics, Piwik and etracker

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The Marketing Suite is suitable for:

  • Inhouse SEOs
  • online stores
  • bloggers
  • Small companies
  • Large companies
  • SEO agencies

XOVI Prices

  • The prices are between 99,- Euro and 499,- Euro monthly.
  • The XOVI Pro (99,- Euro) and XOVI Business (149,- Euro) packages are suitable for most companies.
  • The 14-day trial is free of charge and non-binding. 
XOVI Preise Screenshot

Reason #1 why webmasters don’t use XOVI

As so often, it’s the money. Site operators who do not register with XOVI are often of the opinion that they cannot afford to pay 99,- Euro per month for the tool.

Here’s what you get at XOVI:

You get all of the tools below for a total price of 99,- Euro. At the competitor Sistrix you pay 100,- Euro per module. If you would buy all Sistrix modules, you would pay 500,- Euro per month, but you would have less modules available than the cheaper competitor XOVI. XOVI contains tools that Sistrix does not have.

XOVI Toolübersicht Screenshot

XOVI Tools at a glance

You also get:

  • Support that answers your questions very well
  • A free webinar as an introduction to the tool
  • The opportunity to participate in XOVI training if you are in Germany
XOVI Schulung Screenshot

XOVI regularly organizes free tool training courses in Germany

With the XOVI tools you can:

  • Optimize the Website Onpage
  • Optimize the Offpage page
  • Optimize content
  • Analyze competition and benefit from it
  • Find causes for bad or fallen rankings
  • Optimize Adwords Budget

You get rid off:

  • Poor rankings
  • Google penalties by toxic links
  • Expensive SEO Agencies


The results are better rankings, more visitors and more turnover. 

Time and money saved by working with XOVI

  • No need to work with different tools
  • Through webinars, training and tutorials you will get the necessary knowledge. This saves you time compared to self-study and money for expensive seminars.
  • You also save money for an SEO agency. The costs when an agency optimizes your site are on average between 80,- and 150,- Euro per hour. Most agencies estimate at least 5-10 hours per month, so that the work makes sense. There are no upper limits.


If you can’t afford the 99,- Euro

Maybe you can’t afford the 99,- Euro per month for XOVI at the moment. Just then you should take the opportunity to register for the free test at XOVI. Because you can test and work with the XOVI Suite for 14 days free of charge. Right at the beginning of your free trial membership, you should register for the webinar, which is also free of charge, in which a specialist will explain the tool to you. With this knowledge you can work and already work within the short time on the optimization of your website. The XOVI Challenge shows that you can also achieve remarkable results within a few weeks.

XOVI Challenge

From February to March 2019, XOVI has announced a challenge.
The goal of the XOVI Challenge was to rank on page 1 of Google within 4 weeks with a keyword defined at the beginning.
So that everyone could participate, there was free access to the XOVI Suite for this period as well as SEO coaching with the help of tutorials. The Challenge participants only had to register.

Despite the very short period, 60 of the participants of the XOVI Challenge reached the goal and placed their page on Google page 1 within only 4 weeks!

Sign up now for the free trial. You will not only get access to the tool, but also to the same tutorials that the participants of the XOVI Challenge received.

Claim your free XOVI Trial now


  • All-In-One Online Marketing Suite
  • Powerful SEO tool set
  • SEO & Social Monitoring
  • 14 days free

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  • SEO toolset for beginners
  • Low Budget Tool
  • 14 days free

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