Seobility TF IDF Checker

How to use the Seobility Keyword Rankingcheck to check the visibility of your website

(Even without being an SEO expert yourself)

* Check rankings with the free Seobility Rankings tool
* Optimize Content Marketing with Seobility TF*IDF
* Achieve better Google rankings

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What is Seobility

If you are a webmaster and site owner looking for a free and easy to use SEO tool, want to increase the visibility of your website and have more visitors, Seobility is an exciting tool for you.

Here’s the reason:

Today in online marketing it is no longer enough to optimize the keyword density to achieve good rankings on Google. Instead, small business webmasters need a content strategy and a SEO tool to help them perform targeted content analysis.

A case study from shows how profitable working with Seobility can be. By optimizing with Seobility, the site was able to increase the visibility of its 2018 website by more than 50% within just a few months.


Seobility Steigerung der Sichtbarkeit um 50 Prozent Screenshot

Seobility Refernz PSD Tutorials

50% increase in visibility for PSD tutorials

Seobility customer is the largest German-language website on Photoshop. Behind it stands the agency 4eck Media. In October 2018 Seobility created a case study together with 4eck Media, in which the results of the work with the SEO tool of Seobility were presented. The result of working with Seobility was a 50% increase in visibility within just a few months.

Much more interesting about Seobility is something else…

First of all the negative thing about Seobility: Seobility is not comparable to a tool like XOVI or Semrush in terms of features. Aaaber, in contrast to many other Seo tools, Seobility does not only make the tool available to you for a free test phase, but is also permanently free in the basic version. Of course there are premium memberships, but already the free basic package provides a lot of options to optimize the website. These include the Keyword Ranking Check for your 10 most important keywords and the possibility to use the TF*IDF tool.

For whom Seobility is suitable

Seobility was developed by Thomas Gareis, a business information scientist who has been working in the field of search engine optimization for 15 years. Before he and his team developed the SaaS solution Seobility, he led several larger SEO projects to success. Today, Seobility has 50,000 customers using the online marketing tool. In addition to many small companies and website operators, Seobility is also used by renowned companies such as Edeka, Fraunhofer and Abus. Seobility is especially interesting for webmasters and small companies with a small budget. Because the basic membership is permanently free and the premium membership is affordable with less than 40,- Euro/month.

What does Seobility cost?

Seobility’s cost structure is oriented towards private webmasters and small businesses. Therefore the Premium Account costs only 39,90 €/month and the Agency Account only 149,90 €/month. The basic account is permanently free of charge. Whether this will remain in such a way, remains to be seen. Possibly that the basis account will be temporally limiert sometime if Seobility is more well-known. So at least it is often practiced by other tool providers. Therefore, it is best to register now for the free account.

Seobility Preise bei monatlicher Zahlung

Here you can see the Seobility prices for monthly payment. With annual payment the Seobility costs are reduced by 20%.

Seobility SEO Tool

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Seobility Experiences

Facebook and Google have a number of positive Seobility Reviews. Most of them in german. But I also found a review on the fanpage in english. Here it is:

“Just used your tool to crawl my site and have now been making the necessary changes! Thanks for your hard word on this and the great advice that if gives on each stage.”

Seobility Erfahrung Necati

Here is a rating I found in the Google Reviews. The review praises support and price/performance.

Seobility Erfahrung Hermann

Another positive experience with Seobility I found on Google Reviews. This customer has been using Seobility for years and is enthusiastic about the various features.

As you can see from the comments above, there are a number of positive experiences with Seobility. But this is not surprising either. The basic membership of Seobility is free, so there is no risk. Seobility is a solid SEO tool that is especially suitable for keyword ranking checks, OnPage analysis and content optimization. It doesn’t offer as many possibilities as the professional SEO tool from XOVI, but Seobility can be used permanently for free and the premium membership is affordable with less than 40 €/month.

In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’re getting…

*Through the user-friendly dashboard, Seobility SEO takes away the fear of OnPage optimization from inexperienced users. This is how OnPage Optimization can quickly be successful.

*For a start Seobilty is a good tool with which you can achieve a lot on your website even in the free version.

*With Seobility you don’t have to spend a lot of time familiarizing yourself with the extensive topic of SEO, but have the opportunity to immediately enter the OnPage optimization of the website based on the concrete instructions.

*Even the free basic version of Seobility includes a WDF’IDF tool. This gives you valuable hints when creating content, which terms should appear in your text, so that you have a chance to achieve better results in the next keyword ranking check.

*If you follow Seobility’s instructions, your site will soon be much better optimized, increasing your chances of good Google rankings.

*Not only as a SEO beginner you will be proud when your website finally gets better search engine rankings and more visitors through your own online marketing activities.

*You will be amazed what you can achieve with a simple tool like Seobility.

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Here is a preview of the Seobility Analysis Tool:

Seobility Dashboard Screenshot

In the Seobility Dashboard you can see in the project list the pages that are monitored.

Seobility Technik und Meta Screenshot

An overview of the Seobility Crawling result. Under Technique & Meta you can see how far the pages are optimized and what has to be done to perform an OnPage optimization.

Seobility Dublicate Content Screenshot

Duplicate content is bad for ranking. With Seobility's integrated Duplicate Content Checker you can detect duplicate content in your pages.

Seobility Seiteninformation Screenshot

Seobility offers the possibility to get a detailed analysis for subpages.

Seobility Keyword Ranking Check Screenshot

The analysis rankings shows the visibility of the pages on Google

Seobility Seo Website Analyse Screenshot

An analysis on keyword level is possible with the SEO Tool

Seobility net Keyword Monitoring Vorschläge Screenshot

A check with the software reveals suggestions for keyword monitoring of the website

Seobility net Backlinks Analyse Screenshot

Seobility Backlink Check

Seobility SEO Tool

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