SEMrush: What kind of online marketing tool is it?

The good thing about SEMrush is that it is more than just a SEO tool. That’s why SEMrush won the SEMY Awards in 2018 for Best SEO Tool. SEMrush is an absolute profit tool for: * SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing and Competitor Analysis. Here you get an insight into the tool.


Are you still unsure how to use SEMrush for your online marketing? Then click on the pictures and take a look at the tool.

Although SEMrush (Partnerlink) is an absolute SEO professional tool, we get right at the beginning an ingeniously simple overview for which areas the marketing tool can be used. So you can quickly find the right tool within the huge SEMrush tool set.

SEMrush Startseite

SEMrush Homepage

SEMrush Dashboard Interessenübersicht

SEMrush application areas

SEMrush Traffic Analytics

SEO Toolkit: Traffic Analyse

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Domain Overview

SEO Toolkit: Domain Overview

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Organic Research

SEO Toolkit: Organic Research

The dashboard offers the following options: SEO, advertising, social media, content marketing and competitive analysis.

I have looked for you what the SEO Toolkit contains everything:

Domain Overview:

The SEMrush Domain Overview shows you a number of overview metrics. This allows you to get a quick overview of a domain. In the Domain Overview you can see the estimated organic traffic, paid traffic, backlinks, display ads, top keywords, ranking changes, advertising keywords and more.

Traffic Analyse:

The SEMrush Traffic Analysis helps to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. With this tool, you can see, among other things, where the traffic of the competition page comes from. Does Google generate the most traffic or is another source such as social media more worthwhile? You can also see which devices your competitors’ users are using and how long they are likely to stay on the site. This valuable insight into your competitors’ traffic data is great for optimizing your own actions.

Organic Research:

In the Organic Research Tool, SEMrush provides information on the most important competitors of a website in organic search. It shows with which keywords a domain is placed on Google, you see the ups and downs of the keywords, you can identify competing domains and perform an exact search using targeted filters.


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Keyword Gap, Backlink Gap, Keyword Overview, Keyword Magic Tool und Keyword Schwierigkeitsgrad

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Keyword Gap

SEMrush SEO Toolkit: Keyword Gap

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Backlink Gap

SEO Toolkit: Backlink Gap

SEO Toolkit Keyword Magic Tool

SEO Toolkit: Keyword Tool

SEO Toolkit Keyword Overview

SEO Toolkit: Keyword Overview

SEO Toolkit Keyword Difficulty

SEO Toolkit: Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Gap:

With the Keyword Gap Tool from SEMrush you have the possibility to compare two competing domains directly with each other. The strong thing is that you can choose which types of keywords you want to analyze.  This gives you an instant competitive analysis between your own website and the competing site. This competitive analysis before the start of an SEO action or even before the start of Google Ads is important to see which tasks you should concentrate on to achieve success.

Backlink Gap:

The Backlink Gap Tool allows you to compare up to 5 websites at the same time. Just enter the URLs and all backlinks will be displayed. Clever: A filter allows you to display only those backlinks that do not refer to your domain. Gaps in your own backlink profile are thus clearly displayed and simplify the creation of missing backlinks.

Keyword Overview:

The perfect tool to start with keyword research is the Keyword Overview Tool.  Here you enter the desired keyword and then see the search volume of the keyword, the number of results, the CPC (cost per click), how strong the competition for this keyword is and more. This data decodes the value of a keyword. Is it worth optimizing on this keyword? Is the term popular enough to generate enough traffic? Is the competition so strong that you probably have no chance at all and should therefore focus better on other long tail keywords? All this can easily be seen in the Keyword Overview.

Keyword Magic Tool:

The Keyword Magic Tool is another keyword research tool in the SEMrush SEO Toolkit. The access to 9.4 billion keywords makes the tool an ingenious helper for keyword research. You enter a keyword and zack, corresponding keywords are spat out. The subdivision into topic-specific subgroups is practical.  

Keyword Difficulty:

In the Keyword Overview you already got a preview of the Keyword Difficulty. In the Keyword Difficulty Tool you now get a detailed possibility to analyse the keyword difficulty. The Keyword Difficulty Level shows how difficult it is to get into the top 10 with a keyword. In the Keyword Difficulty Tool you have the possibility to analyze up to 100 keywords at the same time. This is a huge advantage compared to a tool like KWfinder, which only allows the analysis of a single keyword.

Organic Traffic Insights, Backlink Analytics, Backlink Audit, Link Building Tool, Position Tracking

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Organic Traffic Insights

SEMrush SEO Toolkit: Organic Traffic Insights

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Backlink Analyse

SEO Toolkit: Backlink Analytics

SEMrush Link Building Tool

SEO Toolkit: Link Building Tool

SEMrush Backlink Audit

SEO Toolkit: Backlink Audit

SEMrush Position Tracking

SEO Toolkit: Position Tracking

Organic Traffic Insights:

The data from Google Analytics, the Google Search Console and the SEMrush data – all this is combined in the Organic Traffic Insights in a dashboard. The Organic Traffic Insights provide you with a precise overview of the organic visibility of your website on Google. This makes it easier to finally understand what’s happening on the website and optimize your SEO strategy.

Backlink Analytics:

Backlinks still play a central role in search engine optimization. Without good backlinks it is difficult to improve rankings. Backlink Analytics is one of the SEMrush tools that helps you to optimize your backlink structure. Backlink Analytics allows you to analyze, compare and monitor the backlink profiles of your competitors. So you can quickly find out if competitors have won new backlinks or lost old backlinks.

Backlink Audit:

The Backlink Audit analyzes and evaluates existing backlinks to identify toxic backlinks. Because toxic backlinks can lead to a devaluation of the domain and thus to worse rankings. Cool for professional SEOs: The possibility to create a file of these potentially damaging links via the Backlink Audit Tool and send it to the customer.  Of course, the Disavow file required for Google can also be easily created using SEMrush.

Link Building Tool

The Link Building Tool is used to conduct outreach campaigns with the aim of generating backlinks. Here competition analyses and outreach campaigns can be carried out simultaneously. Google Mail and Search Console can be integrated into the dashboard. The contact information of the target websites are automatically retrieved.

Position Tracker

With the Position Tracker you can track the rankings of a custom keyword set. This means that even keywords that may not be present in the SEMrush database can be tracked by the Position Tracker. Targeting can be set for any desired location and device type.


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SEMrush Sensor, Site Audit, SEO Content Template, OnPage SEO Checker

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Sensor

SEMrush SEO Toolkit: Sensor

SEMrush SEO Toolkit SEO Content Template

SEO Toolkit: SEO Content Template

SEMrush SEO Toolkit SIte Audit

SEO Toolkit: Site Audit

SEMrush SEO Toolkit On Page Seo Checker

SEO Toolkit: On Page Seo Checker

SEMrush Sensor:

An ingenious feature is the SEMrush sensor. The sensor tracks the volatility of Google search results. If the sensor shows a high volatility, this can be an indication of a larger Google algorithm update. The results are updated daily and also show volatility values based on industry and category.

Site Audit:

The SEMrush Site Audit is one of the tools for OnPage analysis of the website. The page is crawled and checked through. In total, over 120 criteria are checked on the website, such as broken links, indexability, duplicate content, etc. The Site Audit is an important part for the OnPage optimization of the website.

SEO Content Template:

Creating content that is SEO-friendly and achieves good rankings is what the SEO Content Template helps with. Based on the targeted keyword, the template creates a template with recommendations. The template not only contains keywords that should appear in the text, but also gives recommendations for the optimal text length, the readability value and potential backlinks that should be acquired. See also my tutorial about the SEMrush Topic Research Tool.

OnPage SEO Checker:

The On Page SEO Checker provides a structured to-do list for website optimization. This makes the work of SEO agencies easier and helps SEO beginners to optimize their website themselves. You will get SEO ideas, keywords that should be included in the text, hints on length and readability of the text etc. These ideas for optimization are based on the evaluation of the top 10 results of the keyword. Similar to WDF*IDF, but more comprehensive.

Advertising Toolkit, Social Media Toolkit, Content Marketing, Competitive Research & SEMrush Preise

SEMrush Adbuilder

The AD Builder is one of the tools from the Advertising Toolkit.

SEMrush Social Media Poster

SEMrush Social Media Poster

SEMrush Domain Overview

Competitive Research

SEMrush Content Marketing Platform

Content Marketing Plattform

SEMrush Pakete und Preise

SEMrush Pakete and Prices

We all know that search engine optimization is not the only form of online marketing. Because it takes time to achieve good rankings in Google Search. Therefore, in addition to search engine optimization and good rankings, social media and Google Ads are especially important to bring traffic to the website. For this reason SEMrush contains more than the SEO-Toolkit, which I have shown you so far. There are a number of other tools included in the package:

Advertising Toolkit

The fastest way to get visitors to a website is to use Google Ads. That’s why the SEMrush Advertising Toolkit is a great support for anyone who switches Google Ads. Because the toolset enables a keyword research and a detailed competitor analysis of the competitor ads before placing ads. Cool: There is also a tool for creating ads, the Ads Builder. The Ads Builder simplifies the creation of ads by allowing competitors to use copies of Google Ads as a base template. Of course you should adapt your own ads!

Social Media Toolkit

The Social Media Toolkit is not quite as comprehensive as the other SEMrush Toolkits, but contains central features. The two tools of the Social Media Toolkit are: Social Media Tracker and Social Media Poster. Very ingenious is the Social Media Tracker, with which the social media strategy of competitors can be tracked. With the Social Media Poster you can plan your own social media campaigns and thus carry them out more efficiently.

Content Marketing Toolkit

The Content Marketing Toolkit includes a set of tools that help optimize content to increase visibility within Google search results. The Content Marketing Toolkit not only helps to improve rankings, it also makes it easier to create content with tools such as the Write Wizard. 

Competitive Research Toolkit

The Competitive Research Toolkit brings the work to an absolutely professional level by enabling data-driven marketing decisions to be made. The basis for this is the strategies of the competitors that SEMrush evaluates.

SEMrush Prices

The SEMrush prices are amazingly low for a professional tool. Especially when you consider what you can achieve with the toolkits on Google Ads and SEO. Compared to Sistrix the price difference is enormous. And: SEMrush is even cheaper than XOVI. While XOVI starts at €89.10 per month (annual contract), SEMrush only starts at $83.28 per month. Here is an overview of the prices (annual subscription/monthly subscription):

  • SEMrush Pro: $83,28 / $99,95
  • SEMrush Guru $166,62 / $199,95
  • SEMrush Business $333,28 / $333,95

Free Trial:

You can test SEMrush completely free for 7 days. Take the opportunity and register for the free trial at SEMrush.


SEMrush Awards:

SEMrush US 2019 Search Awards

Winner US Search Awards 2018 Quelle:

SEMrush Mena Search Awards

Winner Mena Search Awards 2018 Quelle:

SEMrush interactive marketing awards

Winner Interactive Marketing Awards Quelle:

semy award gewinner semrush

SEMY Award Best SEO Tool 2018 Quelle:

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