How to climb search engine rankings

Improve your search engine rankings by learning SEO


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Impact of search engine rankings to your business

A good search engine placement is important. We all know that. But how hard is it to get a good search engine ranking? For most site operators it is very difficult. No wonder there are so many questions on the subject.

What is the problem with the optimization of rankings? One of the biggest problems is the constantly changing Google algorithm. Suppose one tactic works today. Will it still work tomorrow? Perhaps. But it’s also possible that the same tactic will lead to a worse search engine ranking tomorrow.

And a bad ranking causes too little organic traffic. Because bad rankings are hardly clicked at Google. We know what that means. The site operator fails with his project or with his company.

Improving rankings without an agency?

What can we do to get a good search engine ranking? Because Google doesn’t give it to us as a gift. The opposite is the case. SEO is complex. So it is no wonder that many users are overwhelmed at first. But what should and what can you do to get better rankings on Google? Especially if the money for an SEO agency is not enough. And the knowledge about SEO is missing.

Find out search engine ranking

First we look at the search engine ranking. Only then do we start to optimize the Google Ranking. To determine the search engine ranking, beginners like to google the keyword. This can lead to wrong results. We don’t see the same thing on every device. The surfing behavior, the location and the device affect the search results. We need a neutral indication of the search engine ranking.

Search Console and Tools

It’s free with the Google Search Console. In the Search Console we see which keyword has which placement. However, the Google Search Console also has disadvantages. We only see the data 2-3 days later. In addition, the data is not clearly presented. That’s why search optimizers use SEO tools in addition to Search Console. Because there the data is prepared in such a way that one can work simply with it. The ranking can be improved faster. 

SEO tools have even more advantages. They help us to see search engine rankings from other sites. This helps to find new keyword ideas. Among the most popular SEO tools are XOVI and SEMrush. Both tools offer extensive features and free tool training. The cost of a SEO Tool? Cheaper than a hundredth of an SEO agency. You can test the tools for free.

Die XOVI Suite

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The solution for better Google rankings

Webmaster can improve their Google search engine rankings. Even if they don’t know where to start. SEO tools are a good and inexpensive solution. They help you to improve your ranking. Even if you don’t know how to do it at the moment.

The right tool can help you with the following:

  • Find and eliminate errors on your website
  • Easily accessible long tail keywords to find
  • To land at Google on page 1
  • Achieve better search engine rankings
  • Reach more visitors with your website
  • compete with your competitors for the best search engine ranking
  • Earn more money with your website
  • More profitable Google Ads to switch
  • And much more…

Tools for search engine optimization and better rankings

Maybe you’ve been trying to improve your search engine rankings for some time now. Maybe the topic is new for you. The right SEO tool helps you to improve your Google rankings in a manageable amount of time. For this you do not have to be a SEO professional. Because search engine optimization with the right tool is also feasible by a beginner.

What is the best thing about the following SEO Tools? They offer a free trial version. This means that you can test the tools without any risk. The extent of the free test is different. With some providers you can fully test all functions. The period is then limited. Other providers have a free basic version. You can use this permanently free of charge. For the free version you don’t get all functions.

When you should start with SEO and Google Optimization

If you’re a webmaster you should realize:

  • You need to do something immediately to improve your Google search engine ranking so that you are not overtaken by your competitors on Google.
  • If you do nothing now to improve your search engine ranking, you have no chance of getting free organic traffic from Google.
  • Mit den richtigen Werkzeugen ist es einfacher als du glaubst, eine gute Suchmaschinen Platzierung zu erreichen.
  • Because search engine optimization is only a science if you don’t know how it works and if you’re out and about without the right tools.

Get started now before you’re all over the place on the back of Google! I introduce you to 5 cool SEO tools that will help you improve your search engine rankings. Take a look at these tools. Take advantage of the free trial period offered by all selected tools and start implementing the recommendations immediately.

Tool 1: SEMrush

Suchmaschinen Platzierung mit SEMrush verbessern

SEMrush. The favourite tool of many professional SEOs. In 2018, the tool for optimizing search engine placement has won several prizes as the best SEO tool. SEMrush has been awarded with the SEMY Award. You can test SEMrush 7 days completely free of charge. Some features are still available for free even after the 7-day trial period.

Tool 2: XOVI

Suchmaschinen Platzierung mit XOVI ermitteln

All In One Marketing Suite. That’s how XOVI. A popular tool among SEO agencies, online shops, bloggers and companies of all sizes. In Germany, XOVI is probably the most popular tool for optimizing search engine placement due to its extensive features and low price. I especially like about XOVI that you get a free webinar. On site in Cologne, XOVI offers training courses. I have also had good experiences with XOVI support. If I didn’t understand something, I got good help. You can test XOVI with all functions for 14 days completely free of charge.

Tool 3: Mangools KWfinder

SEO Suchmaschinenoptimierung mit dem KWfinder

The Mangools company from Bratislava offers a manageable but smart tool set at a manageable price. Mangools is not as extensive as SEMrush and XOVI. But the price is lower. Mangools is a good tool for beginners as it is easy to understand. My favorite in the Mangools Tool Set is the KWfinder, which I like to use. The tool helped me to get some good search engine rankings.

Tool 4: Seobility

Google Platzierung mit Seobility verbessern

Seobility is a low budget SEO tool. You can use the basic account free of charge. Permanently. The functions are then limited. However, they offer a number of possibilities. As a company or ambitious site operator, you will want to upgrade at some point. The free basic account of Seobility is great for a detailed and unlimited test or for bloggers. So you can track the search engine placement of up to 10 keywords, compare websites with each other and crawl your own page for errors.

Tool 5: SE Ranking

Suchmaschinenplatzierung optimieren mit SE Ranking

For webmasters with an extremely small budget, SE Ranking is quite interesting. The SEO tool offers the most important features that help to optimize your website. So you can achieve a better search engine ranking. The 14 days free test account does not offer as extensive access as the other tools. But SE Ranking offers by far the cheapest premium rate. SE Ranking is available in the premium version from 3,- Euro per month. Gecrawlt become the search machines placements for it once the week. If one would like that the Google rankings are gecrawlt daily, it goes off with $4.20 monthly.

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