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*Do you believe that you can’t afford professional SEO tools?

*Do you still want to track the rankings of your website regularly?

*Do you also want to get tips on how to optimize your website?

Hello and welcome to my website. I have looked at SE Ranking. The SEO Tool, where you can flexibly create your own tariff – according to your needs and your budget. But more about that later. So much is already betrayed to you: The prices actually start at $4.20 per month.

SE Ranking Insights

I did check out SE Ranking and would like to give you some insights into this SEO tool and its features. Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures in detail.

SE Ranking Projekt anlegen

Create project: Once you have registered, the first step is to create a project.

SE Ranking Website hinzufügen

All you have to do is add a URL.

Standort im Projekt anlegen

In addition to the desired search engines and country settings, the exact location can be entered.

Keyword Rank Tracking

After I have created the project, the Keyword Rank Tracking Tool of SE Ranking shows me the results of the Google Ranking Check. This immediately makes a big difference to the popular Cologne-based SEO tool XOVI: Unlike XOVI, not all Google Rankings are automatically drawn, but only the keywords that I entered when creating the project. For your own domain you have the possibility to connect SE Ranking with the Search Console, so that all keywords are recorded in the Keyword Ranking Tool.

Keyword Ranking Check

Keyword Rank Tracker: A Look Into The Keyword Ranking Tracker

SE Ranking Site Audit

SE Ranking Website Audit: The website audit provides an analysis of the website. Here is a brief overview showing 53 out of 100 possible points.

SE Ranking Technische Analyse

Website Audit: The website is analysed point by point. Problems of the website are marked and provided with a solution hint.

Backlink Monitoring

The Backlink Monitoring Tool from SE Ranking offers 2 options: You can choose whether you want to have all backlinks of a domain analyzed or only the backlinks for a subpage. Practical for backling monitoring is the Disavow feature: To have backlinks declared invalid, you have to submit a Disavow file to Google. SE Ranking offers the possibility to mark toxic links with one click. Subsequently, the SEO tool generates a Disavow file, which can be submitted to Google. This makes it easier to remove toxic links.

SE Ranking Disavow Tool

Disavow: The SE Ranking Disavow Tool makes it easy to remove toxic links. As a SEO beginner you should be cautious about using the Disavow tool to avoid devaluing useful links.

SE Ranking OnPage SEO Audit

OnPage SEO Audit : The OnPage SEO Audit shows website errors that can have a negative impact on Google's ranking.

SE Ranking Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan: The Marketing Plan offers concrete recommendations for optimizing the website. So even SEO beginners can optimize their website.

SE Ranking Keyword Gruppierer

SE Ranking Keyword Grouper: Schematic representation of the keyword groups

SE Ranking Keyword Cluster

Keyword Grouper: The keyword grouper subdivides keywords into clusters and thus enables a comparison within these clusters. Only keywords where a direct comparison makes sense are compared.

SE Ranking Keyword Suggest

Keyword Suggestion Tool: SE Ranking's Keyword Suggestion Tool can be used to identify topic-relevant long tail keywords. The keyword suggestions can either be determined using Google Suggest or the SE Rankings database.

SE Ranking Traffic Übersicht

Competitor PPC-/SEO research: The competitor analysis provides an evaluation of the organic as well as the paid traffic of your competitors.

SE Ranking Google Ads

Competitor Research: With Mouseover you can display the ads of the competitor

SE Ranking Backlink Analyse

Backlink Checker: The Backlink Checker analyzes existing backlinks to determine whether they are positive or toxic. Backlinks are evaluated according to these 15 criteria.

SE Ranking Social Media Management Tool and B2B Features

In addition to the SEO features, SE Ranking includes a social media management tool. This helps to manage social media accounts and work more effectively. The B2B features are primarily aimed at SEO agencies.

SE Ranking Social Media Management Tool

Social Media Management Tool: The Social Media Management Tool simplifies the work with Social Media

SE Ranking SEO Reporting

SE Ranking SEO Reporting: The Reporting Tool is One of the Features for SEO Agencies

SE Ranking Preise

SE Ranking Prices: The costs depend, among other things, on the number of tracked keywords and the frequency of tracking. It starts at 3,- Euro per month.

What is SE Ranking?

You have already seen a few screenshots of SE Ranking and a first impression of what awaits you. SE Ranking is a comparatively unknown tool in Germany, but it can be especially interesting for webmasters with a very small budget. It starts at 3,- Euro per month. 

Target group of the cloudbasierten SEO Tools are SEOs, Web master and Internet marketers, who look for a broad pallet at features for the optimization of the Website and the Google Rankings.

The SEO Tool SE Ranking includes a set of SEO Tools and a Social Media Management Tool. The combination of SEO tools with a social media management tool takes account of the fact that social media has long been just as important for generating traffic as the traffic generated by Google.

You can test SE Ranking 14 days for free.

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