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How the keyword research tool KWfinder helped me to get a Google Top 10 ranking within 5 weeks

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At this point I would like to introduce the KWFinder from Mangools, a keyword research tool. I will tell you how I used the KWfinder in December 2018 and was already in the Google Top 10 in January 2019. Although I had a few Top 10 rankings before, it was much more difficult to reach them. I registered my blog in December 2017, so my blog is still quite young and hard to rank. Since I have only limited time for the blog beside my job, it is difficult to build the website. Maybe you know that. Nevertheless, I would like to rank my blog as good as possible and reach as many Google Top 10 rankings as possible.

My optimization attempts without KWfinder

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find keywords that are easy to rank and with which you can reach the right target group. Maybe you’ve already had this experience yourself. One of the mistakes I made at the beginning: I tried to rank with keywords where I had no chance to rank with my young domain. So I wasted unnecessary time and energy chasing after hard keywords.

At some point I realized that an optimization of the website without keyword research tool makes no sense. You can fill your blog with content without a tool, but you can’t get good rankings that way. So what to do if SEO tools like SEMrush and XOVI are too expensive for a hobby project? One goes on the search for a cheaper alternative in order to be able to carry out a professional keyword research anyway. And so I discovered one of Mangools’ tools: The Mangoogls KWFinder.

Is the Keyword Finder free?

The Mangools KWFinder shows you immediately how difficult or even how easy it is to rank a keyword and what search volume the keyword has. At the same time a list with similar keywords is displayed, so that you can find easier keyword alternatives. When I discovered the KWFinder, you could use it without registering. A completely free keyword search. Great! There were 2 free keyword requests per day to the KWFinder. Since I didn’t like that much, I registered for the free basic account and had 5 free keyword requests per day.

Since the KWFinder is cool and helps you to find easily ranked keywords including search volume, word got around quickly. Soon the Mangools KWFinder was constantly overloaded. That’s why KWFinder doesn’t offer keyword research without registration anymore. Also the free basic account is deleted. But you have the possibility to register for free and use the KWFinder for a full 10 days for free (Affiliate link). Then you can decide if you want to use the KWFinder permanently.

Keyword research with the URL of competitors

A positive change of the mango tool KWFinder: New features have been added. All you have to do now is enter the URL of another URL and KWFinder will give us suggestions for keywords. By using the filter, we can then choose what kind of keywords we want to be displayed. For example, we can filter the desired search volume and keyword difficulty. This makes it even easier to find suitable keywords where we also have a realistic chance of making it into the Google Top 10.

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Is the Mangools KWfinder available in German?

As the preview suggests, the Mangools Keyword Finder is not available in German, but only in English. Since the keyword research tool is otherwise very easy to understand, this should not be an obstacle for most users. This also applies to the other Mangools tools. But now to the keyword with which I made it into the Google Too 10 within 5 weeks.

Das Long Tail Keyword Ebay Alternative

Ebay Alternative Mangools KWFinder Screenshot
Suchvolumen Ebay Alternative KWFinder Screenshot

As you can see on the screenshots, the Keyword Ebay Alternative has a very low value with a Keyword Difficulty Score of 23. That means, even for a young website like mine without many backlinks, there is a chance to rank well here. At the same time this keyword has a search volume of 1.600. That means it is not only simple, but also worthwhile. Surely there will be one or the other end consumer looking for an Ebay alternative with this keyword, but that doesn’t bother me. If of these 1,600 search queries, perhaps half come from online merchants, then that fits.

Top 100: Rank 62 at publication

Therefore, in December 2018 I created a subpage for the keyword Ebay alternative with the help of a TF*IDF

  • I put the page online on December 13th.
  • On December 14th the site already appeared in the Top 100.
  • First place 1 day after publication: place 62

Here is an insight into my WordPress account and the Search Console:

Ebay Alternative WordPress Screenshot
Search Console Screenshot Ebay Alternative Dez

5 weeks later in the Top 10

As you can see from the next screenshot, this subpage was already in the Top 10 on January 22, 2019. Just 5 weeks later. After a short crash at the beginning of March, the page was back on Google on page 1 a week later, and was even placed a bit higher in the search results. So the KWFinder helped me to find an easy to rank keyword fitting to my target group with little effort. Above all, however, I was able to gain additional traffic through this.

Search Console Screenshot Ebay Alternative Jan
Search Console Screenshot Ebay Alternative Mar

How I created the content to rank

Of course, it is not enough to find a keyword that is easy to rank. To actually rank, you have to make sure that the content is relevant. The easiest way to do this is to use the following: Google Suggest in combination with TF*IDF. Google Suggest are the suggestions that Google presents to us under “Similar search queries” at the end of the SERPs. TD*IDF is a semantic analysis of the Google Top 10 results. Sounds complicated, but it’s easy to do with a tool.

Such a TF*IDF tool is unfortunately not available at KWfinder, but at XOVI, Seobility and SEMrush. All these tools offer a free test. The purpose of these tools is not to stubbornly write a text according to the TF*IDF curve. Instead we can use these tools together with the keywords from Google Suggestions to create a meaningful structure for the text. This way we save a lot of work in creating content and the probability of achieving good rankings increases enormously. Even if you don’t have that many backlinks yet. 

Screenshot Gallery Mangools KWFinder

To see the KWFinder screenshots in detail, click on the KWFinder thumbnail.

KWFinder Find long tail keywords S

The KWFinder helps to find the best long tail keywords with little competition.

KWFinder Lokale Suche S

The KWFinder is also suitable for Local SEO, since you can not only select by country, but also by location.

KWFinder Keyword Database S

The KWFinder database currently contains more than 1.6 billion keywords.

KWFinder Google Suggestion und Questions S

You can choose between KWFinder and KWFinder: Google Suggest, Autocomplete and Questions, This helps you not only to find keywords, but also to create relevant content.

KWfinder Keyword Datenbank

If your desired keywords are missing despite the large database, you can add them to the KWFinder.

KWFinder Filter S

Long tail keywords should also have a certain search volume to make optimization worthwhile. Therefore you can select the KWFinder according to certain criteria.

KWFinder Cat vs Cats S

Sometimes details decide how easy or hard it is to rank a keyword. With the KWFinder you can easily find out if there are very similar terms for which an optimization would make more sense.

KWFinder Mitbewerber S

Here the KWFinder shows us by whom the top placements for a keyword are occupied. Here we see a hard keyword where there is no realistic chance for most websites to reach the top 10.

Preview the other Mangools tools: SERPChecker

Serpchecker locale Suchergebnisse

The Mangools SERPChecker shows search results on a country basis as well as on a local basis.

Serpchecker Übersicht

With SERPChecker you can compare your website with the competition and analyze local search results.


SERPwatcher Analyse

You can track the rankings with the SERPWatcher from Mangools. Unlike the KWFinder, the SERPWatcher is not available free of charge.

SERPWatcher Research Tool

The SERPWatcher comes with a number of features for keyword research and analysis.


LINKminer Backlink Analyse

The LINKMiner is suitable for backlink analysis of your own domain and competitors.

LINKminer Features

The Backlink Analysis Tool LINKMiner enables you to find potential backlinks.



The last tool from the Mangools package is the SITE Profiler. Here is Otto's example.

SITEprofiler Content Analyze

The analysis of the SITEProfiler shows, among other things, which traffic of a site generates the most traffic.

Get your KWFinder Free Trial now

The Mangools Toolset includes: The Keyword Research Tool KWFinder, the SERP Analysis Tool SERPChecker, the Rank Tracking Tool SERPWatcher, the Backlink Analysis Tool LinkMiner and the SEO Metrics Tool SiteProfiler. The cost for the complete Mangools SEO Toolset starts at 25,90 Euro per month. You can test Mangools 10 completely free of charge.

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