How can I improve my Google Ranking even for free

Would you like to learn Seo Optimization and do it yourself or would you prefer a expert to optimize the Google Ranking?

Options for your Google Ranking Optimization

If you want to improve the Google ranking of your website or online shop, there are a number of things to do. But before it comes to how to improve your Google Ranking, the question is who should take care of it. Because you can approach the topic in different ways:

  1. You hire a professional SEO agency
  2. You hire an employee who takes care of the optimization of your pages
  3. You optimize your website yourself

SEO agency hire to improve Google ranking

The easiest way to improve your Google ranking is to hire an SEO agency or an external SEO specialist. This requires a certain budget, because SEO is not cheap. You can expect an hourly rate of 80-150 Euro for the assignment of an SEO agency. You do not have a guarantee on success with it. This has two reasons. 1. not every SEO agency is serious. 2. the Google ranking factors can change at any time.

Better rankings need time

The rankings cannot be improved immediately by hiring a specialist. You should be aware of this. In most cases it takes a while until Google Ranking improvements can be seen. Therefore, when choosing an agency, make sure that no unrealistic promises are made to you.

How to Choose your SEO Agency

If you have the possibility to choose an agency via a recommendation, this is in my opinion the best way to find a serious provider. If you do not know anyone who is looked after by a specialist, ask for references and are not afraid to contact these references.

Advantages of hiring experts

You can do a lot wrong with SEO. There is a lot of competition in most areas and that’s why SEO beginners have a hard time achieving good rankings. Even if an SEO agency cannot do magic, it has some advantages to work with experts:

  • The own expenditure of time is relatively low
  • Better Google rankings can be achieved faster
  • Unnecessary mistakes during optimization are avoided
  • Possibility to be guided by an agency
  • Neutral view from the outside of your own website

Disadvantages of working with an SEO Agency

  • High costs, because you can’t achieve much with just a few hours of use.
  • The terms SEO Agency and SEO Specialist are not protected. Therefore many black sheep.
  • The agency doesn’t know your company and the market as well as you do. This means that although you pay, you have to support the SEO specialists with your expertise. So you have to calculate your own time in spite of the costs.

Hiring an SEO employee

To sustainably improve Google rankings, you have to invest a lot of time. So it can make sense to hire an employee only for search engine optimization.

Advantages of having your own SEO employee

  • The hourly wage is cheaper than with an external specialist
  • The employee knows the company, the industry, products and competitors much better than an agency. This can help to create higher quality content.
  • The employee has only one client – your company. That means he can concentrate completely on the ranking optimization of your site.
  • You can schedule your own employee more flexibly.

Disadvantages Of Inhouse SEO

Especially small companies that employ an in-house SEO employee for the first time tend to have excessive expectations. This is due to the fact that they are unable to estimate the effort involved in SEO. The disadvantages of having your own employee are:

  • Running costs, even if the employee is absent due to illness, vacation, etc.
  • SEO consists of many different competencies. These can only be covered with difficulty by an employee. While a good agency consists of several specialists with different focal points, you need an SEO all-rounder who is fit in many areas.
  • Additional support from an agency may be useful

Take care of improving Google rankings yourself

Often there is no money to give the work to an expert. Then there is nothing else to do but to get down to work.

Advantages of optimizing yourself

  • You don’t have to spend any or hardly any money.
  • You know your business best and can inform your users comprehensively.
  • You have complete control over the work on the website


  • High expenditure of time: You first have to learn SEO and then invest a lot of time in its implementation.
  • The probability of making mistakes at the very beginning is high.
  • It will probably take you longer than a pro to get good rankings.
  • The expert view from the outside is missing

Quick guide to improve your Google Rankings yourself

Search engine optimization can be done by yourself. Basically, it’s not that hard. You only need diligence, patience, perseverance and a manual. That’s why I’ve created a short guide for you to follow.

Onpage Optimization

Technical problems on your website can have a negative impact on search engine rankings. Links that don’t work, too big pictures, long landing time…. There are a number of possible errors that can cause problems. The good thing about these bugs is that they can usually be fixed quickly. So you may see first improvements of your rankings quickly.

  1. If you haven’t done it yet: Log in to the Google Search Console to get a first overview of all rankings. Using the Google Search Console is free of charge.
  2. Sign up for an SEO tool. If you don’t have money for a professional tool, that’s no problem. Because you can test most tools for free. For step 3 I can suggest you Seobility (partner link), because you can use the basic version permanently free of charge.
  3. After you have registered for the free basic version of Seobility, create a project. Just enter the URL of your website. Your Seobility website will then be automatically analyzed. (If you have another SEO tool, you don’t have to register with Seobility. Then simply use the tool you already have.)
Seobility Projekt anlegen Wie kann ich mein Ranking bei Google verbessern

Have your website crawled by an SEO tool (here Seobility). The tool will automatically show you errors on your page.

  1. As soon as Seobility has finished the analysis, you will be shown the problems of the website. Go through them completely. If you don’t understand everything, correct the mistakes you understand. The onpage problems of the page are highlighted in different colors. Above all, try to correct all the red marked error messages.
  2. After you have fixed as many onpage problems as possible, let your page crawl again. The values should have improved significantly by now.
  3. Did you correct a lot of mistakes? Then let Google crawl your site again. Enter your URL in the Search Console and select Request Indexing. The first step to improve your Google rankings is done!
Indexierung beantragen

Optimize your website. Then re-index it using the Google Search Console.

Keyword research

Start your keyword research now. Keywords are the terms under which you want to be found on Google. The keyword search can be done in different ways. Here are two possibilities:

  1. Keyword search without tool: Think about what keywords your customers might be looking for on Google. Write down any keywords you think of. Create a really detailed list.
  2. Keyword research with tool: With a keyword tool the thing is easier. You enter the URL of a competitor into the corresponding tool and immediately you can see which keywords your competitor uses which Google Rankings has. From this keyword list you can now choose which terms are relevant for you.

Why a keyword tool makes sense

A keyword tool not only makes it easy for you to find new keywords. It also shows you how high the search volume for the keyword is and how hard it is to rank for it. Because improving your Google ranking can be very different or easy.

Which tool can you use for keyword research?

For the free technical analysis of your site I called you Seobility. But this SEO tool is not suitable for keyword research. Other tools are better suited for this. If you don’t want to spend money, you can for example use the free XOVI test account (partner link). You can use the tool for 14 days free of charge. Since the many features can quickly overwhelm you, I would recommend that you also use the free XOVI webinar. An alternative to XOVI is SEMrush, also here you have the possibility to test for free. If you are willing to spend money on a keyword tool, you can also take a look at the kwfinder of Mangools. The free test is less extensive than at XOVI, but the monthly costs are much lower if you become a customer.

For which keywords is it worth improving the ranking?

Improving Google rankings is not an end in itself. There is a specific reason why you want better rankings and more visitors to your website. Most of the time it’s about generating more leads and more revenue. Therefore you have to rely on the right keywords.

Keyword Difficulty

If your website is still young, start with simple keywords. The tools show you how difficult it is for a keyword to achieve good Google rankings. But be careful: never rely blindly on the tools. Always look at who is ranked first in Google. If it’s a very strong domain with great content, it may not be the best keyword to start with. However, if the best rankings are not as strong websites and not quite as great content, then let’s go.

Keyword Recherche Mangools

Keyword Tools (here KWfinder) show the Keyword Difficulty.

Long Tail Keywords

A typical beginner’s mistake in Google optimization is trying to rank for short tail keywords. Short tail keywords are keywords that consist of one word. Example: Pocket knife. On the other hand, there are longtail keywords. Example: Swiss army knife for anglers. Attempts at the beginning to rank for longtail keywords. Because with longtails the competition is lower and therefore the chance of significantly improving your Google ranking is higher.

Search intention

Before you decide on a keyword, also think about the search intention behind a certain term. Behind the keyword “pocket knife” you can use anything as a search term. If you are ranked number 1 with such a keyword, you will get a lot of visitors, but the conversion should not be too high. The longtail keyword Swiss Army Knife for anglers looks better. Although the number of visitors is lower, the search intention is much more targeted. Here is quite clear what is being searched for. The probability of buying is therefore much higher.

Search volume

A popular mistake made by beginners is trying to rank keywords with a very high search volume. This is understandable, because a high search volume is tempting. Most of the time, however, it also means that the new website has no chance of making it into the Top 10. And everything what is on page 2 of Google, nobody sees anyway. So you better concentrate on improving the ranking of less competitive keywords. Because this can bring more visitors to your site despite a lower search volume. Is your site is more established, you can still fish for the big keywords.

Criteria for keyword selection summarized:

  • Choose keywords for which it is easy to rank
  • Use Long Tail Keywords
  • Consider the search intention
  • Don’t look too closely at the search volume at first.

Content for better Google rankings

After you have decided which keywords to start with, we come to the content. Content is the content of your website. That means the texts, but also pictures, videos, graphics, podcasts etc..

What kind of content Google wants to see on rank 1

For Google it is vital to show the user the best search results in the first places. If you’re a bit older than me, you might remember how search engines used to work. Back then, you often had to search page by page until you found a reasonable answer to your question. Fortunately, today it’s different. Because Google is doing everything it can to to set the best possible answer to a search query to number 1.

How many keywords per subpage

In order to improve your rankings on Google, you should dedicate yourself to one keyword per subpage. Think about which questions your users might have about this term. What would someone like to know who is looking for Swiss Army Knives for anglers? The seller of these products should know what his target group is interested in and design the content accordingly. It is important to answer the possible questions of the visitors as good as possible. This increases the chances of good rankings.

Text length and rankings

In order to answer a user’s question comprehensively, a detailed text is usually necessary. Short texts only rank well if they stand on a very strong, well-established domain. To get a feeling for how extensive a text should be, I like to use the free WDF*IDF tool from Seobility (Partnerlink). The text length of the top 10 placed pages is a good orientation. If the texts have an average length of 1,500 words, a young website with 1,000 words will hardly score.


For the Longtail Keyword Swiss Army Knife for anglers I did a WDF*IDF analysis with Seobility. On places 1 and 2 are pages with just over 800 words. The Google Ranking 3 and also Ranking 4 is the site with more than 1.300 words each. Thus these sides are still before Amazon platziert! Amazon is on place 5 with just over 400 words.

If someone would like to climb for this keyword, my recommendation would be a text length between 1,500 and 2,500 words. You could add a little more here, with a little video in which the knife is shown and explained. Thus also a young side would have good chances here to rank.

WDF IDF Textlänge

Does only the text length count for Google?

No, of course not. It is not that simple. It is not enough just to produce a long, inferior text. Google does not only want extensive texts, the content should also be of high quality. This means that in order to rank better than your competitors, you have to try to produce better content.

Photos, Videos & Design

After you have finished the text, it is about the design of the page. You don’t have to be a design engineer. However, you should make sure that your content is easy to consume and clear. You should also add at least one or two matching images or graphics to the text. Do you have the possibility to create a YouTube video on the topic? Wonderful, then do this. Because videos can also help you to improve your ranking on Google.


Links are another central factor for your Google Ranking. Here we differentiate between backlinks and internal links.

  • Backlinks are links from other websites that refer to your site. Google classifies such links as recommendations.
  • Internal links are often forgotten when it comes to links. You can optimize the internal linking much faster, because you are master of your own site.


The acquisition of backlinks is very complex and difficult. In my opinion, a new website should therefore focus more on creating high-quality content. However, opinions differ. If you want to actively build backlinks, make sure that the links come from relevant sites.

Internal links

In my opinion the best example for a great internal linking is Wikipedia. As soon as a term appears in the article for which there is more information, it will be linked there. Take a look at it and add internal links to your own page.

You are a shop operator and need a link?

In my category shop examples shop operators have the possibility to present their shop. That means, you tell a little about yourself and your online shop, which shop system you use, which experiences you made with this shop system etc.. It is enough if you write a few sentences, but it can also be more detailed. In the context of this shop presentation I link then gladly on your Website. I am happy about a backlink from you, but it is not a requirement. There are no costs for you!