How to create a WordPress Store

This is how it works with WooCommerce


Popular WordPress Plugin

When it comes to creating an online shop with WordPress, WooCommerce is by far the most popular plugin. With WooCommerce, you have a shop system that is primarily intended for small online shops, but with which larger online shops can also be realized.


One of the reasons WooCommerce is so popular is because it is easy to work with the shop system and you have the possibility to customize your shop as you like. With WooCommerce alone you already have a good basic shop and with the appropriate plugins you can customize your shop according to your wishes.

WooCommerce Theme Store

You can get templates and extensions for WooCommerce not only in the WooCommerce Theme Store, but also on marketplaces such as Themeforest. This gives you an overwhelming choice of possible designs.


Even if you can basically install and set up your WooCommerce Shop yourself, sooner or later you will probably not get along without an agency. The wealth of possibilities that WooCommerce offers can easily turn out to be a time waster, because you have the choice between so many options. Which theme suits your products? Which extension do you need? Is a free plugin enough or does it have to be premium? In the end, the professional support at WooCommerce by an agency usually makes more sense than finding out everything yourself in endless hours.

WooCommerce Costs

Since the shop software is free of charge, only costs for a domain and the WordPress hosting arise first. Sooner or later you will need several extensions for your shop. Therefore you should count on additional costs for this. Also for the support by an agency or a developer, you should plan budget. In this respect, the costs for a WooCommerce shop cannot be planned as clearly in advance as, for example, with Shopify or VersaCommerce.

WooCommerce Hosting

A good hosting provider is important for a reliable running WooCommerce shop. A provider such as Raidboxes (Affiliate Link), which specializes in WordPress hosting, is a good choice. Raidboxes is known for good performance, fast servers and good support.

Wordpress Shop Woocommerce Hosting

With a WordPress shop with WooCommerce it is worthwhile to rely on a good hosting provider. Raidboxes is specialized in WordPress and WooCommerce.