Are Wix Websites and Wix stores good?

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Wix Review

Is Wix really free?

Like all providers, Wix promises a lot on its website. The websites created with Wix should not only be unique, but also free of charge and created in a few minutes. The online shops should also be commission-free. That's what we look at.

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Wix login and start

So let's login for a free Wix trial. All we need is an email address. Alternatively you can register via Facebook or Google+. After the registration you will be asked by Wix to answer some questions. At first this reminds of the semi-automatic homepage Dolphin by Jimdo. With Wix, however, answering the questions only leads to the fact that one lands directly in the category with the suitable themes. Apparently you should first decide on a design template.

WIX mehr als 500 Designvorlagen

Homepage & Online Store Templates

552 templates - a respectable number of design templates can be seen by clicking All Templates. If you want to create an online store with Wix, you can still expect 60 templates. Most of them are available in the eCommerce tariff. The number of free templates is still 12.

Templates according to industries

With over 500 templates, it can be difficult to choose the right store template. Therefore the subdivision according to industry and intended use is helpful to limit the selection. Below you can see for which area Wix Homepage provides templates. To make the decision even easier, the individual areas are divided into sub-categories. For example, there are 10 sub-categories in the online shop section - depending on what you want to sell in your shop. Here are the main categories of the templates:

  • Company and
  • Consulting & Coaching
  • services
  • Technology & Apps
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Cars & Transport
  • real estate
  • Finance & Law
  • online shop
  • photography
  • Restaurant & Food
  • design
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Health & Wellness
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Society & Education
  • Creative Arts
  • video
  • Music
  • events
  • Portfolio & Curriculum Vitae
  • Blogs & Forums
  • landing pages

What Wix template is right for you

With these many categories Wix wants to make it easier for its users to decide on the numerous design templates. This doesn't mean that you should use the Men's Caps template when selling caps or choosing the Template Sneakers shop just because you are selling sneakers in your store. On the contrary. Wix has 90 million users. You can assume that there are already countless sneaker shops in the Wix Stores that use exactly this template sneaker shop. There will also be a number of online shops that have built their children's fashion Wix Store with the template children's fashion. Therefore my tip, no matter if you want to build a shop or a website with Wix, don't search in the category that fits you, but in another category. Otherwise you run the risk that your site will end up looking like that of a competitor. You also don't have to limit yourself to the eCommerce templates for an online shop. For each of the 552 templates, you can add a store later.

Template Design

The design of the Wix Themes is top. No comparison to Jimdo, where a similar target group is targeted. The websites look professional and can easily keep up with what many agencies offer for a lot of money from a visual point of view. So it's no wonder that Wix is so successful worldwide. Especially for small companies that do not have the budget for an individually created website, Wix is interesting. One must always be aware of the fact that it is not done with the optics alone. Websites and Onlineshops live from the functions, which are connected with the side.

Individualization of the Wix design templates

The Wix Website Construction Kit is a drag & drop construction kit that is relatively easy and intuitive to use even for laymen. A help, in which all questions are answered, is of course still available. If you've worked with Jimdo before, you'll find that the big difference between Jimdo and Wix is that it's completely customizable. This means that you can edit all templates completely freely. In addition to the finished templates, you can also choose an empty template to create your own design template for your online shop or website. Here you have the possibility to upload your own fonts, animate texts and integrate videos in the background. Whether animated texts and completely your own design make sense, is left to the discretion. If you are really able to create your own website, you won't be able to use Wix. Because the possibility to edit your own website with HTML or CSS does not exist at Wix. HTML works only limited, CSS not at all. This will not disturb the typical Wix site operator, because after all Wix is so successful, because it is really easy to create a professional looking site with the Drag & Drop construction kit. Therefore, most Wix users are well advised to ignore the features to customize the templates and rely on the finished templates instead. The editor is available in 15 languages, including German, English, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

Adding products to the store

After the design of the shop has been determined and the photos on the website have been replaced by your own pictures, the products are inserted. The creation of individual products is done quickly. What I am missing is a function that allows me to import product lists. In the help section of Wix I learn that theoretically there is the possibility to import products via a CSV file. On April 18th, 2018 this function was deactivated and is apparently only available for some users in July 2018. How can I run a shop in this way? If you only want to sell a few products in your shop, the deactivated import option might not bother you. However, if you want to offer hundreds or even thousands of products in your shop, you should refrain from Wix. Because you won't be happy with that. However, there are also features that are available in the Wix construction kit:

  • Digital products can be offered just like physical products
  • You can add product videos to showcase products with all their features in the store
  • Easy addition of individual product banners
  • Product variants with different images per variant can be used
  • You can mark product variants with different prices
  • Share products on social media
  • Creating collections
  • You can edit several products at the same time
  • Product pages can be optimized for Google

Adding payment methods

After the products are added to the shop, we can start thinking about selling and see what payment methods we can incorporate into Wix. The result: Stripe, Paypal, Wirecard as well as offline payments are possible in Germany. You know Paypal, but Wirecard and Stripe may not tell you that much. Both providers enable the processing of a wide variety of payment procedures. So the use of credit card, direct debit, Sofortüberweisung etc.. Offline payments are of course meaningless in many online shops, unless the customers can collect the goods from your warehouse or retail store.

Wix App Market

In the App Market of Wix you will find over 250 Apps with which you can extend your shop with various functions. If you want to create an online shop with Wix, the store or the online shop app is the most important for you. You use the online shop app if you already have an existing website and want to expand it with a small shop with a maximum of 10 products. The App Wix Stores is a premium app that lets you create a shop with more products. Here are some more features you can add to your website with an app:

  • gallery
  • blog
  • chat
  • forum
  • guestbook
  • calendar of events
  • search box
  • analytics
  • forms
  • audio
  • Instagram Feed
  • Facebook share
  • Facebook Like
  • Facebook Comments
  • Social Media Feeds
  • click-to-call
  • translation function

Can Wix host WordPress?

Yes. With a blog you can bind users to your website and bring fresh content to your site again and again. That's good for Google Ranking. You'll find several apps in the Wix App Market: Blog, Wix Blog, Easy Blog and Blogger. If you already have an existing blog at WordPress, you can connect this blog to your website at Wix.

Wix vs Jimdo, which is better?

Both kits have the same target group. Beginners with a small budget and hardly any technical background knowledge. Uncertain which of the kits is better? Try both, because only you can decide with which system you get along better. Both tests are free of charge. If neither Wix nor Jimdo offer the necessary features for your online shop, I recommend you take a look at VersaCommerce. Because with VersaCommerce you have more possibilities to create a professional shop.

Also read my Website Builder comparison. I have compared the Wix, Jimdo, Webnode and Weebly kits against 1,766 Trustpilot customer reviews.


Wix offers a freemium and various premium options, so it's basically free for now. If you only want to build a homepage, you can create it completely free with Wix. Provided that you don't mind that you only have one Wix subdomain and you have ads on your website. In other words: The Freemium version is only suitable for private websites. For all other websites you have to use one of the 5 Premium Packages. The following packages are available:

Connect Domain: With the simplest Premium variant, the homepage can be connected with its own URL. The advertising on the websites, however, with Connect Domain is not yet rid of. The price of Connect Domain is about 4 Euro per month.

Combo: Here you can also connect your website with your own URL, the annoying advertising on the websites is omitted, you get your own favicon and an advertising voucher. Combo costs about 8 Euro per month.

Unlimited: Here you will find the features of Combo, more storage space and bandwidth, an app to build forms and a SEO app. The cost of Unlimited is about 12 Euro per month.

eCommerce: With Wix eCommerce you get the same features as with Unlimited, more memory and the possibility to open an online shop. The price for eCommerce is about 16 Euro per month.

VIP: In addition to the features from the eCommerce package you get the possibility to run 10 email campaigns per month. In addition, the VIP websites receive a one-time evaluation of usability and SEO by an expert. Costs about 25 Euro per month.

Apps: Some of the apps are free, some are premium apps with monthly costs. Prices vary.

Wix in a nutshell

The Wix Homepage Construction Kit is easy to use without any technical knowledge, the costs are kept within limits and thanks to professional templates everyone can create a good looking homepage with Wix. Even a professional looking shop can be created with Wix. An agency is not necessary. A shop that looks professional on the outside does not mean that you can also work professionally with a Wix Store. It starts with basics like the non-existent import function for product lists. For hobby shop operators who offer a few products it may be ok to create products by hand, any larger shop would be paralyzed with such a shop system. Also other important interfaces are missing with Wix. So it is already clear for whom Wix is suitable: For beginners who have never built a website or a shop before and have no ambitions to scale. Beginners with small projects can be happy with Wix, all others should rather look at a more professional shop system such as WooCommerce, lightspeed or VersaCommerce.