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What is Weebly

Weebly is a homepage and online store builder that works with drag-and-drop. Weebly is particularly suitable for e-commerce beginners who want a simple online store at manageable prices. Homepage and online shop are easy to create with Weebly. The storage space is unlimited for all packages.

Since when does Weebly exist?

Weebly was founded in 2006 by David Rusenko, Chris Fanini and Dan Veltri in San Francisco (USA). So in the same year as competitors Shopify  (affiliate link). Meanwhile, Weebly has a number of additional offices in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Under the name Weebly Carbon, Weebly released a new version of the kit in October 2015. Weebly Carbon enabled users to integrate plugins into their homepage and online shop.

In which languages is the website builder offered?

Weebly is available in 15 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Chinese and Japanese.

How does Weebly work?

Weebly is a drag & drop website builder with a very easy-to-use interface. This means that the user does not need programming knowledge or technical understanding. With the Drag & Drop website builder you can quickly create a great homepage or an appealing shop.

Weebly Theme Vorschau

Weebly Themes

How good is Weebly? 

The best way to form an opinion about Weebly is a test and therefore I register with Weebly. Because only with your own test you can decide if the kit fits your needs or not. Since registration and easy use are free of charge, you have nothing to lose with a Weebly test.

Weebly Login

The login is simple. You can easily log in via Facebook, Google Mail or any other e-mail address. After that, a few simple questions await us, which serve to prepare the shop. Among other things, I am asked what name my shop should have, if I already sell products, if I just want to try Weebly and what kind of products I want to sell. After I have answered the questions and decided on a product category, I will be guided step by step through the creation of my website.

Mit Weebly erstellter Onlineshop

Online store created with Weebly

Step by step towards the Weebly Online Store

Step 1 – Select Theme

There are 35 design templates to choose from. Although the number of templates is manageable, I find it hard to choose. Because one design looks better than the other. Here I get a first taste of why Weebly is so successful and has millions of users. The design is no comparison to the somewhat old-fashioned Jimdo. Once I’ve decided on a theme, I can start working with the Weebly construction kit. But first I have to choose a domain. Since I only want to use Weebly for my review, I choose a free subdomain.

Step 2 – Edit Weebly Shop in Editor

Weebly uses a WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get – website creator. The first impression: Working with the Site Builder is very easy. Simply click on existing pictures and elements and replace them with your own pictures. Adding products is also simple. In the free test, products can only be uploaded individually. In the e-commerce plan it is then easier. There also larger product lists can be uploaded via CSV file. Here Weebly (affiliate link) is better positioned than Jimdo or Wix. The number of products that can be uploaded depends on the tariff. Another difference to Jimdo: Weebly’s website is not immediately online, we have to actively activate it.

Step 3 – Select payment provider

In this step we can choose which payment provider we want to use in the shop. This is also very easy again. With the free test I can at least connect Stripe with my test online shop. The fees per transaction are then 3% of the turnover. If we decide to upgrade, we have the choice between Square, Authorize.Net and Paypal. Apart from Square, there is also a 3% sales commission for the other payment methods.

Step 4 – Connect payment provider

If we have chosen a payment provider, we have to connect our homepage with this payment provider. This means, if you don’t have an account with the payment provider yet, you have to log in and connect it to the Weebly Shop.

Step 5 – Set up shipping

Now you can define target regions and shipping costs. Small shortcoming: Some setting options such as real-time shipping are only available for shop operators in the USA. 

Step 6 – Determine the VAT

In the 6th step you still have to determine the valid VAT rate for orders in your online shop. This means that you are on the verge of being able to place your shop live.

Last step before you can go online

After you have set the VAT rate, you will be asked to register a domain. Alternatively you can connect your homepage to an existing domain. Once that’s done, all you have to do is publish your website. You have the possibility to do this before, but it wouldn’t make sense. Also the actual work and the marketing only starts after the publication. After all, your site will not be found by itself.

Marketing for your Weebly Homepage

Creating your online shop and going live is of course only the first step to earn money. It is important to get visitors into your store and to bind them to you. For this you need marketing. Weebly – the self-proclaimed marketing platform for entrepreneurs and dreamers – relies entirely on email marketing. Why? Because the conversion rate for e-mail marketing is usually higher than for other forms of advertising. That’s why you are provided with tools that enable you to import existing contacts, create user-defined groups, use finished layouts and measure the success of your campaigns via a statistics function. In addition, you have the possibility to get the support of an email expert. A critical feature is the ability to import contacts easily. Weebly should better avoid this and use Double-Opt-in instead.

How to find your shop on Google

But before you can use email marketing to convert visitors into customers, you need to be found on Google. To support you, Weebly offers a comprehensive SEO Guide. In this guide you will learn what you can do to get a better Google ranking for your homepage. Starting with the choice of the right domain, the Google Search Console, up to images SEO and Google Analytics you get extensive information. The situation is similar with the various apps that are designed to help you get more traffic. For these apps there is also a lot of information provided.

Weebly Apps

In the Weebly App Center you will find over 300 apps for your website. Social media apps, e-commerce and marketing apps and apps designed to help you increase sales and traffic in your business. When testing Weebly, be sure to check out what features you want for your store and what you need from the App Center. Because the prices per app are quite different. Some are free, but some cost $20, $30 or $40 per month. Depending on how you use the app, there may be additional costs that are not insignificant. Especially if you don’t just use one app, but several premium apps for your web store.

Vorschau neue Weebly Templates

Preview new Weebly templates

Weebly Templates

The Weebly templates make a professional visual impression. With the templates it should be much easier even for a beginner to create an appealing page than for example with Jimdo. Because the websites often look a bit old-fashioned. Weebly Templates are available for the categories Online-Shop, Business, Portfolio, Personal, Events and Blog.


Depending on your chosen tariff you will receive support at Weebly. The Free, Connect and Starter packages include support via chat, email and the Community Forum. Starting with the Pro Package there is also telephone support. But beware: The support phone number is an American phone number, so questions can cost money.

Weebly prices

Weebly offers 4 packages for online shops: Starter, Pro, Business and Performance. Weebly Starter costs 7,- Euro per month, Weebly Pro 11,- Euro, Business 23,- Euro and Performance 33,- Euro per month. This means that Weebly costs are lower in 2019 than in 2018. While other providers are increasing their prices, Weebly has become cheaper.

Weebly Blog

If you don’t want it to be an online shop but a blog, it can even be brought online free of charge via Weebly. But a free Weebly blog is only for private use, because it gets a branding. For a slim 4,- Euro per month you can connect the blog with your own domain.

Weebly GDPR

In the support area of Weebly you will find a number of information about GDPR. Among other things, Weebly insures to be conscientiously endeavoured to fulfil the requirements of the GDPR. Whether a data protection commissioner would see that exactly the same, should be clarified to the security best with a lawyer – at least when you’re in Europe.

Weebly cancel and money back guarantee

Weebly offers the possibility of a money-back guarantee with the chargeable tariffs. Within 30 days of the start of the contract, we can withdraw from the contract and then receive our money back. You can find more information in the Weebly Terms of Use under point 12.

Also read my Website Builder comparison. To compare Weebly, Jimdo, Webnode, and Wix, I evaluated 1,766 customer reviews from Trustpilot.

Weebly vs Jimdo

Weebly and Jimdo are among the oldest website builders. Both providers have secured their market share by giving users the opportunity to create a website completely free of charge. Both website builders make it easy to create a website or a small online store. In Germany Jimdo is the more popular homepage website builder, worldwide Weebly leads far ahead of Jimdo. My favorite in terms of design and usability is Weebly. You can test both website builders free of charge, so take the opportunity and see for yourself whether Weebly or Jimdo is something for you. In my opinion, both website builders are best suitable for small projects.

Weebly vs WordPress

Meanwhile every third page is built with WordPress. I think for a good reason. Because with WordPress you have all possibilities, no matter if you want to create a small private blog or a professional online shop. WordPress leads the field both in Germany and worldwide. A small disadvantage with WordPress is perhaps that it is not quite as simple as with Weebly. But there are more possibilities.

Weebly vs Shopify

Shopify also overtakes Weebly on the popularity scale. While Weebly is primarily suitable for small websites and shops, Shopify is also suitable for larger online shops. Shopify is not suitable for creating a homepage, because unlike Weebly Shopify is a pure shop system. Creating a shop is as easy with Shopify as it is with Weebly, but you have more opportunities to grow. Since Shopify also offers a free test phase, you can make your own comparison.