Ecwid Shop experience, costs, GDPR and alternatives

Ecwid review with picture gallery of the Ecwid shop solution

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Ecwid is an online store builder that can be used for free. Ecwid is a very simple solution. This makes Ecwid absolutely suitable for beginners. Ecwid can also be combined very well with Social Media, Jimdo, WordPress or other websites. 

Discover the top easy online store builder Ecwid

Ecwid Startseite

The Ecwid homepage indicates it: You can also sell with Ecwid on Social Media

Ecwid Anmeldeseite

Ecwid login page: Simple login, no need to enter payment details

Onlineshop erstellen in 6 Schritten

Create an online shop in 6 steps: Overview of the steps required to create the store

Ecwid is a very simple shop solution that you can quickly add to an existing website. As you can already see on the start page, you can sell via Facebook, Instagram & Co. 

How to use Ecwid if there is no website yet:

Ecwid Schritt 1 Konto erstellen

Step 1 at Ecwid consists only of the registration and is thus completed quickly.

Ecwid Schritt 2

In step 2, you specify whether a website already exists.

Ecwid Schritt 2 Subdomain

If no own website is available, Ecwid provides a subdomain.

You can use Ecwid on an existing website. If no website exists yet, Ecwid provides a subdomain.


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Setting up your Ecwid Online Store

Ecwid Schritt 3 Warenkatalog erstellen

In step 3, products are created at Ecwid. In the Premium Packages the upload via CSV file is possible.

Ecwid Schritt 4 GEO Einstellungen und Unternehmensdaten eingeben

Step 4: Check geographical settings and enter company data

Ecwid Übersicht Fortschritt bei der Shop Erstellung

In the dashboard you can always see clearly how far you are with the creation of the shop.

Step by step you will be guided through the process of setting up the online store. In the dashboard you can see how far you have come with setting up the store.

6 simple steps and the sale can begin

Ecwid Schritt 5 Versandeinstellungen festlegen

In step 5, the shipping settings are defined. It is also possible to sell digital products.

Ecwid Zahlarten einrichten

Step 6 at Ecwid consists of defining the payment methods. Paypal is just one of many options.

Ecwid Produktseite im Standard Theme

A product page can look like this in the Ecwid Standard theme.

Creating an online store with Ecwid is probably the easiest and fastest way to add a shop function to an existing website. Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram can also be quickly turned into a sales platform with Ecwid.

Ecwid Prices

Ecwid Onlineshop voreingestelltes Standard Theme

Ecwid Store with standard theme

Ecwid Preise

Ecwid Prices

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Ecwid free is permanently free of charge. If the shop should be more extensive or if you need more features like the article upload via CSV file, you can switch to one of the premium packages.

Ecwid – What is this?

Ecwid is an e-commerce solution that allows you to sell through your website, blog and social media. Ecwid is used by 1.5 million online merchants in 175 countries. Ecwit is designed for small and medium sized shop owners. Ecwit is especially interesting for small e-commerce companies but also for influencers and bloggers who already have a website or a social media fanpage. Because the interesting thing about Ecwid is that you don’t have to create a completely new online presence, it’s enough to create an online shop that you can add to your existing site. After all, Ecwid is only a widget and not an independent shop software. This is the main difference to other e-commerce solutions. Another special feature: Ecwit allows you to sell online anywhere. So whether on an existing blog, on social media, online marketplaces, the company’s presence, apps, on a website or with a tweet. Ecwid is easy and intuitive to use, so even e-commerce beginners can get started quickly.

How Ecwid works

Ecwid is simply integrated into an existing page in the form of a widget. Ecwid is aimed at users who already have a website and want to use it as a sales channel without having to create a complete online shop. If no website is available, Ecwid provides a subdomain.

How Ecwid is integrated into the website

To add Ecwid to your site, you must register with Ecwid and deposit products. Once you have done this, go to your Ecwid Dashboard and look for the installation wizard. There you enter that you already have a site, have the code for your Ecwid widget displayed and just have to integrate this code into your website. That’s it.

How to add products

Adding products is also easy with Ecwid. In the dashboard, click Catalog, go to Products, and then click Add New Product. You enter your products and that’s it. Upload of the product data via CSV file is possible with the premium tariffs.

Test Ecwid Onlineshop for free

An Ecwid Shop enables you to integrate an online shop into your existing online presence in the easiest way and thus to enter into e-commerce. If an online shop within your existing website is enough for you and you want to sell less than 10 products online, you can use Ecwid free for your online shop. Ecwid is not intended for those who want to create a scalable, large professional store, but for those who want to test a small online shop for themselves. You can start a test run with Ecwid and find out whether an online shop makes sense for your business idea without much effort or cost.

This is what awaits you at the Ecwid App Market:

An endless number of Ecwid apps complement the program and make it even easier for you to succeed with your Ecwid online shop. In the Ecwid App Market you will find apps for your marketing, shop design, drop shipping, catalog and order management, accounting, order processing, reporting, analytics and social media tools. Some of the apps are free.

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Free Apps

Via Buyable Links, Omnichannel Suite, Live Chat up to the selection possibility according to colours. Just the free Ecwid apps alone offer dozens of useful apps that make it easy to sell online.

Ecwid API for developers

The Ecwid API is interesting for developers. Ecwid provides an interface for developers to make more useful apps available to their users. With 1.5 million merchants using the Ecwid online shop, the Ecwid App market is an interesting market for developers. Developers can take advantage of this market by developing apps specifically for Ecwid customers. Once the apps have been tested and are working, they can be integrated into the App Market via the Ecwid API and are then available to merchants for their online shop.

Google Shopping automated use

For sales via Google Shopping you can use Ecwit, an automated solution to optimize your Google Shopping ads. Google Shopping is just as exciting for end customers as it is for merchants. While end customers can easily find the desired product via Google Shopping, merchants can use Google Shopping Ads to address customers who are looking for their product. Ecwid helps to optimize this process with its solution for Google Shopping Ads.

So Paypal is automatically available as a payment option

Paypal is still one of the most popular payment options in eCommerce. An online store without the possibility to pay with Paypal is hardly imaginable. That’s why Ecwid makes it easy for online merchants to use Paypal as a means of payment. Paypal is already preset as payment method and can be activated easily.


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Klarna, credit cards & Co.

Payment provider Klarna and payment by credit card are important for customers and shop operators alike. Therefore, the simple integration is especially helpful for small businesses like Ecwid to be able to offer the end customer all desired payment methods in the online shop. Therefore, there is Quickpay Payments, a free Ecwid app that allows you as a shop operator to accept all common payment methods. From credit card, mobile payment, purchase on account to Klarna and Trustly.

These are the Ecwid costs

In the smallest version Ecwid is completely and permanently free of charge. You can use Ecwid free for a small online shop with up to 10 products. If you want a more comprehensive Ecwid online shop or if you want to sell not only in the store, but also on Facebook, Instagram and marketplaces, then one of the Premium Accounts is an option. With Ecwid Venture you pay 15,- dollars a month, with Ecwid Business 35,- dollars and with Ecwid Unlimited 99,- dollars. In addition to a number of features, the most expensive package also includes your own shopping app in your corporate design.

Ecwid cancel

If you want to cancel Ecwid, you can do so in your dashboard. Click on your own name in the Ecwid Dashboard. You can find it in the upper right corner. Now you go to Billing and Plans and can switch from a paid account to a free one, just click switch.

What are the alternatives?

Ecwid alternatives are the classic shopbuilders. These Ecwid alternatives are available if you don’t have your own website yet. Then you can create a complete store with a shop system. Which shop system is the most interesting for you as an Ecwid alternative always depends on your needs and requirements. If you are looking for an Ecwid alternative for a small shop, take a look at Jimdo, Weebly, BigCommerce, Shopify or the 1&1 web construction kit.

Is Ecwid GDPR compliant?

As a shop operator in Germany one would like to know whether Ecwid is compatible with German legislation and the GDPR. Interesting are the articles in the support area “How to set up Ecwid to comply with German laws” and “What Ecwid has done to comply with the GDPR”. The article on the GDPR is only available in English. It seems, however, that Ecwid has dealt with the GDPR and offers a suitable solution. In order to get a certain statement regarding Ecwid and GDPR, it is recommended to ask a specialist lawyer.


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Ecwid Demo

Before you decide whether Ecwid is the right solution for you, you should try the free Ecwid demo. You can register for free and try Ecwid free for an unlimited time.


To each product, to each Online Store Builder there can be sometime questions. Even when it comes to an easy to install shop widget like Ecwid. What Ecwid support is there for such cases? The type of support depends on the chosen package. If you use Ecwid for free, you get support via email and the community forum. Support in the Ecwid Community Forum is provided by other resellers with whom you can exchange information. You can also help other online merchants here. If you choose one of the premium packages, you will also receive support from Ecwid by phone and live chat.

Ecwid vs. Jimdo

The target group of Ecwid and Jimdo is very similar. Both providers are aimed at small businesses who want to build their own site or sell something online. Jimdo offers you the possibility to create a website or an online shop using the semi-automatic Jimdo Dolphin or the more flexible Creator. If you build your site with the Jimdo Creator, you can add the Jimdo Shop feature. If you already have a Jimdo website but no shop yet, you can alternatively add Ecwid. This is the easiest way to get your own online shop. If you don’t currently have a website but a Facebook or Instagram fan page, you can easily turn it into a sales platform using Ecwid. After all, you don’t earn any money on Facebook alone with one I like. With Ecwid’s shopping function, things look different. Even your own shopping app is easy to implement with Ecwid. Jimdo doesn’t offer such features.

Ecwid vs. Shopify

Shopify is aimed at both small and large companies, so it is different from Ecwid. Shopify is the solution if you want to create a scalable shop and are looking for a professional shop solution. Similar to Ecwid, Shopify gives you the ability to sell via your Facebook fan page.

Ecwid for WordPress pages

WordPress is the most used software to create homepages and blogs. To use Ecwid in your WordPress page, search the WordPress plugins for the Ecwid Shopping Cart plugin. You install the plugin in your WordPress installation and then connect your Ecwid profile with the plugin and start selling on your homepage.

WordPress Theme and Ecwid

The WordPress theme you choose determines the look of your website or blog. If you integrate the Ecwid E-Commerce Widget into your site, the theme design will be taken over by Ecwid. Ecwid adapts itself from the optics to the given theme. If you want to use a free WordPress theme, Ecwid suggests a theme selection in its blog. This includes the theme ShopIsle, Shapely, Edge and Activello. But you can also find a large selection of themes especially for Ecwid in the Theme Store of Themeforest. 

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