Online Store Builder 2019

Online store builder for small and medium-sized online shops. Find the right online store builder to suit your needs and create your own online store.

Jimdo Vorschaubild zur Shopbaukasten Website von Jimdo

Website & Shop Builder Jimdo

Jimdo’s online store builder lets you create your website and shop. Jimdo is suitable for small businesses that have low requirements and just want to run the webshop for a side income. Not suitable for larger shops.

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Shopify Logo dunkler Hintergrund

Cloud Online Store Builder Shopify

With its online store builder, the Canadian provider Shopify addresses both small and medium-sized shop operators. This online store builder enables sales on different channels.

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WooCommerce Vorschaubox

WordPress Plugin WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the leading e-commerce platform for WordPress. WooCommerce is suitable for small, medium-sized and large online shops. Test WooCommerce free of charge at WordPress specialist Raidboxes.

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ECWID Banner zu Ecwid Shopsystem

Ecwid E-Commerce Plugin

With Ecwid you can easily add an online shop to an existing website. No matter if your site was created with WordPress, Jimdo, Wix or any other software. You can also easily integrate an online shop into your social media profile on Facebook, Instagram & Co with Ecwid. A permanent free version of the shop system is available. 

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Webnode Logo

Webnode Shop

The target group for Webnode are e-commerce beginners who want to create their own small online shop as easily as possible and are therefore looking for a simple shop system. Webnode is a homepage construction kit. With it you can also create a small online shop. You can test Webnode for free.


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Lightspeed Vorschau

Lightspeed, for larger shops

Lightspeed’s SaaS solution is suitable for medium and large online shops. But also e-commerce beginners who want to grow with their shop should take a look at Lightspeed. The backend is easy to understand and offers many possibilities to create a professional shop. Lightspeed is also interesting if you want to sell internationally.

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shopware banner vorschau

Shopware for professional shops

Shopware is one of the most popular online store builders in Germany. If you want to create your own shop, a preconfigured Shopware solution saves you unnecessary effort. Mittwald is a partner that is also used by agencies, where you can test Shopware for 30 days free of charge.

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Weebly Logo

Weebly WYSIWYG Store Builder

Like Jimdo, Weebly’s WYSIWYG Website Builder is also aimed at small businesses. However, the templates are much more modern and very easy to adapt. Due to the company’s headquarters in the USA, Weebly could be critical in terms of data protection.

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BigCommerce Shopsystem Vorschaubild


Bigcommerce is an extremely flexible shop system and offers online merchants many different product variants. BigCommerce is built for seamless integration into WordPress websites. BigCommerce’s website and backend are exclusively available in English.

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More Online Store Builders:

  • Commerce Cloud (ehemals Demandware)
  • JTL
  • Magento
  • Oxid eSales
  • Plentymarkets
  • Prestashop
  • SAP Hybris
  • Shopware
  • SUPR
  • Xanario
  • xt:Commerce

Choosing the right online store builder

From a strategic point of view, the online store builder is of central importance for the success of your online store. You could also say that it is the technical foundation on which your online shop is built. If the software does not fit your requirements, this can hinder the ongoing operation and economic development of your company. Therefore a detailed online store builder comparison as well as a clear requirement profile are necessary. This is the only way to answer the question which online store builder is the best. After all, requirements and budget can be completely different depending on the target group, company size, e-commerce experience and desired growth rate.

The right features for your shop

A small retailer who wants to enable its existing customers to order online has naturally different strategic goals and demands on the online store builder than an established brand that wants to roll out a new shop in different country versions globally. Nevertheless, the small online retailer in particular should also think about his strategic goals, which functions and which interfaces the shop system needs. Even if you only want to set up a small shop at the beginning, it is good to know beforehand whether you have larger medium and long-term goals or whether you want to stay with a small shop in the long run. At the same time it's important whether you want to have your shop professionally created or whether you are looking for an inexpensive do-it-yourself solution.

Online store builder and strategic goals

In order to make the right choice, all relevant departments should be involved in the planning from the outset. Which requirements do the participants have for a online store builder, which strategic goal should be pursued and which budget is available for the implementation of the shop?

Have all affected departments draw up a list of requirements. This should contain the current as well as the future requirements. With these requirement lists each thought can be held, it should be connected however compellingly with a prioritization. Is it a must request, a can request or a future request? The question of how well a shop system can be optimized according to SEO criteria later with a tool like SEMrush should also be considered.

Shop Relaunch

If a shop already exists and you are thinking about a relaunch with a new system, it makes sense to conduct an additional as-is analysis. What is good about the existing system and where does it get stuck? On the basis of these requirements you can then make a preselection of suitable online store builders. In order to make a final decision, other factors also count, such as initial costs, running costs, legal aspects and the usability of the backend.

What kind of online store builders are there?

SaaS Shops

Software-as-a-Service solutions are enjoying growing popularity and have long been more than just building blocks for e-commerce beginners. With SaaS solutions, the online retailer rents the shop software including hosting and thus does not have to worry about programming, installation, configuration or further development of the shop software. All this is done by the service provider, so that the shop operator only has to pay a monthly fee. Work is done in the browser.

Online store builders for easy scalability

The advantages of SaaS solutions are the low initial investment, a quick start, concentration of the shop operator on the core business, low IT costs and better scalability. Sudden visitor peaks can also be better managed. Disadvantages can be inflexible templates, which offer little adjustment possibilities. However, this applies primarily to providers who are very inexpensive and whose core business is not e-commerce. Basically there are SaaS solutions for every company size. This is shown by the About You Cloud or the Commerce Cloud from Salesforce.

Which online store builder for Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that makes it possible to sell online without incurring inventory, storage and logistics costs at the online retailer. This is because the goods are sent directly from the wholesaler to the end consumer after they have been ordered in the online shop. The Shopify shop system is popular with many drop shipping merchants. Because of the interfaces to the online market place Oberlo you can start with Shopify fast and uncomplicated with the Drop Shipping.

Shopsysteme Shopify

Open Source

Open source software can be downloaded for free. The source code is unencrypted, so that the community or the programmer can make individualizations. This makes it possible to create professional shops according to your own wishes. Therefore open source systems like Shopware and Magento are very popular with online merchants and e-commerce agencies. If you want service or support for the systems, you need to access the Professional or Enterprise versions of the software.

More work than SaaS solutions

The effort for open source online store builder is higher in terms of time and budget than for SaaS solutions. Even if you can download the software free of charge, the adaptations made by the programmer will still incur considerable costs. In addition, there are costs for hosting, setup, configuration, maintenance and updates.

In-house development

An in-house development offers maximum individuality and flexibility. This means that every wish of the online retailer can be realised. Time and costs are of course significantly higher than with other online store builder solutions. This is why individual online store builder can be found above all in the large online shops. To this end, the EHI Retail Institute analyzed the online store builder of the 1,000 largest shops in 2015 in Germany. In the top 1,000, 40 percent had their own development, in the top 100, it was over 50 percent. For small shops, in-house development is likely to be difficult to implement.

WordPress Shop

If you want to create your shop with WordPress, you will probably end up with WooCommerce. The advantage here is that WooCommerce is free at first and quite easy to use. Costs for professional plug-ins can be added over time. These costs are difficult to calculate in advance.

Marketplace Shops

Even if you run your own shop, you won't want to do without platforms and marketplaces. No matter how good your shop is, most online merchants generate a large part of their sales via Amazon. And ebay isn't dead yet either. More marketplaces where you can create your own shop: Rakuten, Allyouneed, Real and Etsy. Brand Connect, the marketplace planned by Otto, is still in its infancy, but could become interesting.

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