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If you want to sell online on a regular basis, we have your own web shop. Because with your own online shop you are independent of platforms as a seller and can build up a loyal clientele over time. Provided, of course, that the items you sell are interesting, have a competitive price and your shop offers the customer added value. Creating an online shop, however, involves a lot of effort, which is why eCommerce beginners prefer other ways to sell online. Even if you just want to clear out your basement and sell used goods online, you will rarely want to set up your own webshop.

Sell online without having a shoponline verkaufen

There are a number of ways to earn money as a merchant on the Internet, even if you do not run your own web shop. Most of the following examples are suitable for both occasional private sales and commercial merchants. As always, there are exceptions. The larger sales platforms like Amazon, Otto and Home24 are not for someone who wants to get rid of old treasures from the basement. Likewise Momox is uninteresting for commercial dealers, because the sales prices are too low.

  • Sales platforms and online marketplaces: (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Real, Otto)
  • Digital advertising papers: Ebay Classifieds, Kalaydo, Markt.de
  • Social media: Facebook Marketplace, Instagram
  • Apps: Shpock, Kleiderkreisel
  • Purchase portals: Momox, Zoxs, Clevertronic, Rebuy

Online sales portals

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Amazon: You don’t have to say much about Amazon as a sales platform. Everyone who travels online also uses Amazon. In this respect, Amazon is the largest and most powerful sales platform for practically all types of goods. For consumers, Amazon is the dream. Whether Amazon is a good platform for sellers or not is a matter of shared opinion. Nowhere else can you make so much sales so quickly, but nowhere else are you so at the mercy of a platform. Amazon is suitable for professional retailers and manufacturers.

Ebay: Ebay is also known to everyone as the oldest sales platform. In contrast to Amazon, Ebay is more about bargain hunters. This means that here you sell by price. You can sell everything from books, mobile phones, tablets, games to used clothes. It’s easy to register as a seller because the target group is not just commercial sellers. Even if you only want to sell used goods from time to time, Ebay is the right place for you. But Ebay is also a good marketplace for commercial merchants and a good addition to your own online shop.

Etsy: After DaWanda has closed its doors, Etsy is the most important marketplace if you want to sell homemade products. The New York-based provider is primarily suitable for sellers who are satisfied with modest sales.

Otto: You can also sell your goods through Otto. Provided you run your own online shop and have an assortment of at least 1,000 items. You can find the exact requirements for selling via Otto here: https://www.otto.market/join-otto-market

Real: Real’s online marketplace is relatively new. It was created by the merger of Hitmeister and Real.  It is suitable primarily as a supplement if you already run your own online shop.


Sell online via purchase portals and apps

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If you don’t have your own webshop and just want to sell something used from time to time, there are several apps and purchase portals available. With buying portals you normally get less money for your used articles, but the handling is simple and comfortable.

Momox: With Momox, it’s easy to sell used ones. Momox is a buying portal for private sellers. You sell at a fixed price and see immediately how much money you get for your used items. The price for the convenience: You get much less money than you would sell on Ebay. You can sell books, CDs, DVDs, games and clothes through Momox. Really interesting as a sales platform is Momox only for sellers who don’t have time to sell themselves and who don’t care how much money they get for their used stuff. Momox is rather interesting if you want to buy something cheap. The Momox shop, where you can buy used books, can be found under Medimops.

Zoxs: Zoxs is also a purchase portal where you can also sell via an app. Unlike Momox, Zoxs specialises in electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, cameras and games. Zoxs won the Chip test in May 2018. The Google reviews speak a different language, mainly negative reviews from sellers. If you want to buy a used device from Zoxs, you can find it under buyzoxs.

Rebuy: Rebuy lets you sell books, games, consoles, video games, cell phones, tablets and other electronic items. Like Momox and Zoxs, Rebuy sells at a fixed price. On the website or via an app, you determine the price for the item you want to sell, then you send your items to Rebuy and as soon as the goods have arrived and been checked, you receive your money. So you don’t have to sell the items before you get your money.

Wirkaufens: The Wirkaufens portal specialises in electronic articles such as mobile phones, iPads and digital cameras. When selling via Wirkaufens, you answer some questions online about the mobile phone or item you want to offer for sale. You can sell the mobile no matter if it is new, used or defective. 7 days after the device has been received by Wirkaufens, you will receive your money. Zumdinest is the promise of Wirkaufens. If you want to buy a used device, you can find the shop of wirkaufens under asgoodasnew.

Shpock: Unlike Wirkaufens, Momox, Zoxs and Rebuy, Shpock is not a buying portal, but a flea market app. At Shpock you can buy and offer for sale articles of your choice, no matter if books or your used mobile phone. It’s easy to sell, but more time consuming than buying from portals. You set your books, your mobile phone or any other used device and set the price yourself. A prospective buyer then has the opportunity to submit an offer. Only if the seller accepts the offer, the prospective buyer can buy the device.

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