3 reasons why bad reviews can be good for your shop

Not what you say about your service counts, customers want to know what other customers say about your online shop, your products and your service.

Can an online shop do without ratings in 2019?

Online reviews then and now
With positive reviews and a seal of approval in your shop, you have an advantage over your competitors, right? No, it used to be like that. When Amazon first came up with the idea of having customers rate products in 1995, it was something special. Many people thought Amazon was crazy at the time. When other online merchants followed suit at some point, ratings were an advantage for these shops for a long time. Today, reviews and seals in the shop are just standard. A matter of course, which visitors expect in your shop. Onlineshops, which believe to be able to do without it, must either already have an ineradicable fan community or accept that they sink into meaninglessness..

66% read reviews before buying
2 out of 3 consumers inform themselves with the help of ratings before making a purchase decision. This is the result of several studies. In online marketing this is also called social proof. Buyers consider the evaluations of other buyers as social proof that their own purchase decision is correct.

Without evaluations this orientation is missing. So what does a visitor do if he doesn't get any hints in your shop whether the products you sell have already proven their worth with other people? That's right. He leaves your site and finds security elsewhere that he didn't have with you. There he also spends his money.


According to GfK, 66% of Germans consult valuations before making a purchase

Only product reviews or also shop reviews?
Product reviews have a higher priority for most online customers, but shop reviews also reduce the number of abandoned purchases. Especially if your online shop is relatively new, most visitors will not know it. This means they don't know if you are trustworthy. The visitors can of course google whether there are experiences with your shop. But how many customers are so motivated to do research only to spend their money on you?

What increase in turnover can you expect?
As always, there is no universal formula that is the same for every shop. On the website of Trusted Shops you can find some results of A/B tests that customers have done. The results are sometimes 7%, sometimes 12%, sometimes 30%. The increase in conversion through ratings and seals depends on many factors, such as the target group and awareness of the online shop. Unknown shops normally profit more than well-known brand shops.


Suppliers of evaluation portals and trustmarks

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How ratings improve your Google Ranking


Content is one of the most important ranking factors in SEO. Since ratings fall into the category user-generated content, i.e. content created by users, new, unique content is regularly created in this way. This is because your customers describe your shop and the products they buy from their own perspective, which not only increases the amount of content, but also its relevance. For Google these are positive signals and this also has a positive effect on your ranking.

Click-through rate

If you have positive ratings, you can use rich snippets to display these rating stars in both Google AdWords and organic search. This makes your page stand out in the SERPs and the click rate increases. The only requirement for Google to display your stars is that you have collected the ratings from a trusted provider such as Trusted Shops. There must also be a minimum number of ratings for the stars to be displayed in the search.


In addition to content, high-quality links are among the most important ranking factors. Since some providers have a directory on their site in which you are listed, your shop also receives a back link. When deciding on a provider, you should therefore always check whether you receive a backlink. It is important that not every backlink has the same value. The link from a domain with a high domain authority has a stronger effect on your Google ranking than the link from an insignificant page.


3 reasons why negative ratings are sometimes good

Some online customers are anything but fair. Any shop owner who has been in business for a while will be able to tell you some nice stories. So it's no wonder that some online merchants are afraid of integrating reviews into their shops. But even if you probably won't only get positive reviews, this shouldn't deter you. Because even bad reviews can sometimes be positive. Here are 3 reasons:

  • 1
    A rating profile without any criticism is not very credible
    Even the best company sometimes has customers who are dissatisfied. Therefore an evaluation profile with exclusively 5 stars evaluations would be unrealistic and thus little trustworthy. A small number of mediocre ratings is completely ok, as long as you are not worse than the industry average and react constructively to criticism.
  • 2
    You discover gaps and can improve processes
    Perhaps the customer is even right with his criticism. This should happen from time to time 😉 Even if it's hard, be happy about the feedback. Because a customer, who expresses his annoyance with you, can often still be won back. Above all, however, criticism helps you to discover and improve weak points.

  • 3
    It's better if a customer complains to you than elsewhere.
    What does a disgruntled customer do when he wants to complain but can't find a way to do so in your online shop? That's right, if he can't rate your website, he'll rate you in forums, on Facebook, Google, etc. The problem: You will be informed about this, if at all, then with delay and you will have considerably less possibilities to prevent damage to your company.

When you should skimp on the money for a trustmark

You hide the seal

Neither seals of approval nor ratings are of use to you if you misuse them. The integration in the footer, for example, is meaningless. Because your visitors won't see the ratings here. Trust elements have the greatest effect on bounce rate and conversion increase if the customer is in a critical phase. In these moments, trust elements must be in the customer's field of vision.

The first critical phase is when the visitor enters your shop and within a few seconds decides whether to stay or disappear forever. The last critical phase is the check-out, when the customer has to decide whether to buy or not. If you hide seals and ratings at these critical moments, you can also save the money.

Your shop is crap

Shop seals are no panacea! If the entire online shop is useless, then seals and ratings do not help either. The competition in e-commerce is tough, the customers are demanding and therefore an online shop must meet many criteria if you want to generate sales with it.

Beginning with a good concept, over a good product selection, reasonable prices up to a professional shop design, high-quality photos, use of popular payment providers, fast delivery times, sufficient traffic etc., we offer you a wide range of services. Therefore: If the total package is not coherent, Siegel will not use it to boost your sales.



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