Make your online shop known

When your online shop is ready, it's time to make your online shop known

Onlineshop bekannt machen

Finally your online shop is ready. You have invested a lot of time and money to finish your online shop. But creating your online shop isn't enough. Now the real challenge begins, which starts with making your online shop known. You might think that this should be clear to everyone. But it is not. Because often enough the question appears:

Why isn't your online shop selling?

If your shop is not successful, there are roughly two screws that can be responsible for it.

  • Your online shop does not have enough visitors
  • The conversion rate in your shop is bad

If you don't have enough traffic in your shop, the first thing is to make your online shop known.

But how to make the online shop known?

Here it depends on what your situation is. If your budget is big enough to advertise, this is the fastest way to get visitors to your shop. With Google Ads, you can quickly make your online shop known with a sufficiently large budget. Or at least get visitors to your shop quickly. Just as fast you can burn a lot of money with Google Ads. Especially if this is your first online shop, you have no advice and your online shop is not yet really optimized.

Tips to make the online shop known free of charge

Since eCommerce start-ups rarely have an unlimited budget for advertising, we need tips to make the shop known free of charge. For this we look at the following advertising channels:

  • Adwords
  • Blog
  • SEO
  • Facebook & other social media channels

Tips for your blog

A few years ago everyone would have advised you to have a blog to advertise your webshop and get more visitors to the site. Meanwhile, opinions about blogs are divided. Reason? Most blogs are badly ranked and bring only a few new visitors to the shop. However, this is not due to the format, but to the execution. Even today, a blog can still be used as an advertisement for your shop, provided you don’t write on it without a plan, but optimize the texts so that they have a chance to rank on Google. If you want to attract regular visitors to your site, hoping to turn them into customers in the end, your content should offer the target group an incentive to return to your site regularly. Since there are countless pages on every topic, you should be as close as possible to your target group to have a chance at all. But the advantage of a blog is that it costs nothing. If your shop is not yet live, you can start your blog before you start, so that you already have customers when you start your shop.

Tips for SEO

To be found via Google, you have to optimize your shop for search engines. If you take care of SEO yourself, you can use SEO to make your shop known free of charge. At least if you don’t convert your working time into money. Because SEO is a lot of work and until your work bears fruit, it can take a while. If you still have no idea about SEO, it is rather unlikely that you will achieve all too great success with search engine optimization on your own. Therefore you are well served if you are supported by SEO and are aware that SEO is a long time investment to make your online shop known.

Tips for Facebook

Facebook is for many online shops one of the most lucrative ways to make the online shop known and to bind customers. But don’t give in to the illusion that you only win fans and customers through content. That works in the rarest cases. Content on the Facebook page is important, but just when you start, you won’t get far without advertising. By the exact targeting with Facebook you have the possibility to target your target group exactly and can achieve good successes through this. So that you don’t waste your money pointlessly, get help from someone who has experience with Facebook advertising.

Social Media Marketing on other channels

In addition to Facebook, other social media platforms such as Instagram and Youtube also belong to your marketing concept to make your shop known online. For your marketing you can use your own contributions, in which you present your products and your shop online well. You will achieve a greater reach if your content is presented to potential customers as an influencer contribution. However, this form of social media marketing can become expensive in the meantime, because many influencers demand proud sums for a contribution in which your shop is mentioned. That’s why it makes sense to check if the influencer is really suitable for your online shop and if its fans are real. If the engagement is low, tips and contributions of the influencer are hardly commented online, this may not be the right multiplier for your shop.

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