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What is the best sales platform as an alternative to Ebay?

Alternative zu Ebay
The best alternative to Ebay is your own online shop, because here you can bind customers to you in a different way than with Ebay. But of course there are other alternatives to Ebay that we want to talk about here. Still Ebay is for many online merchants the entrance into the online trade.

Meanwhile there are over 146,000 commercial dealers on Ebay. You can start on Ebay with almost any product of your choice, maybe sell used items from your basement first and then start expanding your trade on Ebay. But after a certain time, you are no longer satisfied with Ebay alone and maybe that’s why you are now looking for a sensible Ebay alternative. If you don’t want to create your own online shop, Amazon is of course the biggest sales platform on the Internet.

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Sell on Amazon

The biggest platform to sell on the Internet is without question Amazon. The community is huge, because practically every internet user also has an Amazon account and is therefore easy to reach. That’s why Amazon Ebay has long since outstripped the rank. If you want to earn money quickly on the Internet, this is still possible on Amazon, but also much more difficult than a few years ago. Because not only the target group, also the competition is infinitely large. Disadvantages of Amazon are the high fees and the dependency in which you are there. Because as customer-friendly as Amazon is, Amazon is not always nice to retailers. as Ebay alternative created

About 5 years after the launch of Ebay, the sales platform Hood was founded in 2000 as a direct Ebay alternative. At that time Ebay dominated the market as a platform and used this eagerly to raise the fees again and again. Hood was to become an alternative to Ebay, which offered traders better conditions. Today, Hood still exists, now belongs to Karstadt, but compared to the big sales platforms Ebay and Amazon it is not a real alternative to earn money online.

Allyouneed and Dawanda

Alternative zu Ebay

The fact that Amazon and Ebay alternatives have a hard time can be seen in Allyouneed and Dawanda. Although the giant DHL stood behind the platform and thus brought the best conditions to create an attractive marketplace, Allyouneed was closed in 2018. The same goes for Dawanda. The sales platform, where homemade items were sold, surprisingly closed down for many a few months after Allyouneed. As a result, many online retailers who sold their goods exclusively through Dawanda became homeless with their online store. Although it was possible to switch the Dawanda shop to the American provider Etsy, the enthusiasm of the community was limited. In the end, the end of Dawanda cost many merchants a lot of money.

Sugartrends, the marketplace for fashionistas

From Cologne comes the online marketplace Sugartrends, which offers small boutiques and fashion shops a sales platform. Sugartrends should be particularly interesting for consumers who prefer to buy from small labels and shops rather than from the Internet giants Ebay, Amazon and Zalando. At Sugartrends you can browse shops all over Germany, Austria, New York, Barcelona, Tel Aviv and Florence. The purchase is secured by Trusted Shops. For traders Sugartrends is probably not a real alternative to Amazon and Ebay, because Sugartrends does not have the mass of visitors. However, Sugartrends does not charge monthly fees for its own online shop on the platform. The merchants only pay if they sell something themselves.

The Most Sensible Ebay Alternative

In my opinion the most sensible alternative to Ebay is to build your own webshop. This makes you independent of platforms and their incalculable business practices. Because even if the operation of the platform is not stopped suddenly, you as a retailer who relies completely on one or two platforms can be relied on quickly. Fees and terms can change at any time, making it difficult to sell at a profitable price. Account closures by the platform provider also occur when a merchant actually or even supposedly does not adhere to the terms and conditions. This is the end for this trader. With your own shop you have more control here, but you have to invest a lot more at the beginning than if you just sell on Ebay.

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What if you don’t want a shop?

The best alternatives to Ebay and Amazon if you don’t want your own online shop.

Online Shop als Ebay AlternativeBut not everyone who wants to sell goods on the Internet wants to run their own shop. After all, there are also semi-professional traders who are looking for the best way to only occasionally offer a few offers for sale on the Internet. In my opinion the best alternatives for occasional sellers are sites like Kalaydo and Here a meaningful alternative to Ebay classified ads is offered, which is rather less suitable for the professional dealer, but rather for the private sale of used articles.

Sell via the Facebook community without fees

Even the large Facebook community offers one of the best opportunities for online sales without any fees. Just post your offers on the Marketplace and you can start earning money. In addition, regional or themed groups sometimes offer the possibility to place offers. This saves you the fees that would be due on Ebay. All you have to do is send the prospective buyer an answer and can then complete the purchase with him or her. However, this form of online trading is primarily suitable for a few occasional private sales. Since the Marketplace sells cheap things, it is best to consider the Facebook Marketplace as a flea market. It doesn’t belong to the right Ebay alternatives.

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