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Create an online shop: How to finally create your own online shop in 2019

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You want to create an online shop in 2019? Then you are pretty late. The competition is tough, there are no unoccupied niches. What is there instead? There are countless legal regulations and problematic customers. If you really want to create an online shop, don’t let that stop you. No matter whether you dream of a professional self-employment in online trading or whether your online shop is just a hobby. In addition, there are still traditional companies, for example from the stationary trade, which do not yet have their own online shop and should therefore finally create an online shop. No matter to which type of shop operator you belong, before you start, you should occupy yourself thoroughly with the topic of creating an online shop. Because your own webshop does not only contain chances, but also a lot of risks.

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Create online store opportunities

Who still has a chance in 2019 to have success with his online shop

onlineshop erstellen chancen 2019 einen onlineshop zu eröffnen

Creating your own online shop has never been as easy as it is today. At the same time, it has never been so difficult. On the one hand, there are excellent shop systems today with which even inexperienced users can create a web shop, while at the same time the competition is tougher than ever. Opportunities arise for these target groups through their own online shop:

  • You already sell your products on Ebay and Amazon, but you don't have your own online shop. With your own shop you have the chance to become more independent from Ebay and Amazon and to bind your customers to your own business.
  • You own a stationary business. In fact, a corresponding online shop is long overdue for you, because your customers can also buy online from you.
  • You are well versed in e-commerce, have perhaps already worked as an employee in online trading and would like to start your own business now
  • You want to start your own business on a part-time basis, but are not dependent on the money.

Online store create risks

For whom the construction of an own online shop is not promising much success

Risiken 2019 einen Onlineshop zu erstellen

If you start your own online shop in 2019, the risks are higher than the chances. That should be clear to you. The right products and an appealing shop design are no longer enough to be successful. Entering e-commerce is particularly risky for you if the following applies to you:

  • You're short of cash. You want to create an online shop and start your own business in order to finally overcome the low tide in your wallet. If you can't afford a loss and hope to earn money quickly, then leave it alone. You are very likely to fail and be worse off than you are now.
  • You have no idea how online business works.
  • It is especially risky if you are afraid of the work associated with your own online shop. Even if the creation of the online shop is still easy, the running operation is connected with a lot of effort. Keeping the online shop up to date, SEO, answering customer inquiries, shipping, etc.
  • You start with your online shop without knowing the market and without a business plan
  • You have no idea about SEO, why your online shop is not found on Google.
  • You're only trying to build traffic through one channel.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about shop creation.

FAQ zum Erstellen eines Onlineshops

If you want to create an online shop for the first time, there are a number of questions that you probably ask yourself. Despite the fact that shop systems are becoming easier and easier to use, many projects are doomed to failure. A hasty decision for the wrong shop system, the wrong agency or even for the wrong products can lead to your online shop becoming a failure. That's why good preparation is an essential part of planning your webshop. It is even better if you have a professional at your side who supports you in planning and implementing your online shop with his expertise. Of course, this is not a guarantee for success in eCommerce. This can be seen in the example of the Von Floerke shop, where industry guru Frank Thelen was on board. Here one sees that also a too fast growth can end with a bankruptcy. Especially when the shop operator goes it alone and ignores the consulting professionals. But now we want to deal with some of the most frequently asked questions that prospective eCommerce beginners regularly ask:

FAQ: What does it cost to create an online shop?

Was kostet es einen Onlineshop erstellen zu lassen

The costs of creating an online shop are of central importance for any e-commerce company. No matter whether it is a hobby shop operator or a larger company. But just as different as the companies that sell their products on the Internet are, just as different are the requirements for website and shop and therefore also the costs for creating an online shop are extremely different. The costs depend, for example, on the number of products you want to sell in your shop. If you limit yourself to a handful of products or many thousands of products. The required functions and the shop system play another important role. The price also depends on who creates the shop for you and who maintains it afterwards. Because when it comes to costs, you shouldn’t just ask what it costs to create your online shop. It is also important whether you can maintain it yourself after completion or whether you need ongoing support from an agency.

FAQ: Who can build me an Onlineshop

Wer kann mir einen Onlineshop erstellen

There are a number of vendors that create online stores. Most Internet agencies specialize in a few shop solutions. This is also reasonable, because only so an agency can know the shop solution in detail. If you already know with which shop system your shop should be created, it makes sense if you are looking for a provider who is familiar with exactly this solution. Most shop software providers have a partner directory for this. There you will find agencies that have experience with creating online shops of this system. If you are still unsure which e-commerce solution you should use, you can get a first overview in my shop systems section. For your decision-making process, it is best to talk to several Internet agencies and explain to them exactly what you are planning. Since many agencies prefer one solution for all customers, it makes sense that you get detailed advice from several providers with different offers and make the decision in peace. You should decide here not only according to the costs, but above all also according to whether the shop offers actually all functions necessary for you and fits to your business.

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FAQ: How can I create my own online shop?

Onlineshop selber erstellen Team

If you would like to create your own online shop, it is of course ideal if you already have programming knowledge. However, this is no longer necessary today. Because there are a number of providers whose software is aimed at customers who have no programming knowledge. Some of these are vendors like Jimdo and Wix, whose website building sets allow you to create not only a website, but also online shops. These solutions are only for customers who are planning a small shop. However, there are now also providers with whose help you can build a professional shop yourself. These include Shopify, Lightspeed and VersaCommerce. These SaaS providers have professional functions integrated into their software, so that even online shops with higher requirements can be created. A variety of design templates also makes it possible to give the shops a high-quality look. Even if you are not a design talent. Important, if you create your own shop, however, is that you use really high-quality product images, because otherwise the best design template is useless.

FAQ: Was muss ich beachten

Onlineshop erstellen was beachten

Before you get started, there are a number of things you should consider. If you already have an existing website, you have an advantage. Because then you can use the existing website for your online shop. Be it by integrating the shop into the website or by using the existing website for shop marketing and thus informing customers before the start of the online shop. If you don’t have a website yet, you first need a suitable name for your online shop and an associated domain. Whether you also need hosting depends on which shop software you use. Because with SaaS solutions, hosting is already included in the package. With a WordPress shop, on the other hand, you also need hosting. You should consider in advance a careful selection of the shop software. Because an unsuitable shop software can hinder the growth of your business. Even if you want to sell the wrong products, this can hinder your business. That’s why you should analyze the market before you start and not least ask potential customers. When you create your web shop and later during operation, you have to consider data protection and other legal aspects. Depending on the product, different regulations must be observed. Legal help from a lawyer is therefore absolutely sensible.

What do I need to create an online shop?

Compared to a stationary shop, you first need very little to open an online shop. You need a shop software such as Shopify, which you can use to create the shop, legal texts, a business registration and goods. If you want to do dropshipping, you don’t even have to buy these items in advance. The fact that anyone can start an online shop with minimal resources is for many the charm of e-commerce. But it is also a fact that those who start with minimalist means often fail.

FAQ: What should I sell in my online shop?

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Who wouldn’t want to sell something that’s out of competition? But that’s not realistic. Because there are practically no more unoccupied niches in e-commerce. If a product does not actually exist online, there is probably a good reason for this. So you have competitors regardless of which product you sell. Before you decide on a product group, you should take a close look at the market. Which competitors do you have? Is the target group male, female, old, young etc.? What is the buying behaviour of your target group and what is the return behaviour. Depending on the product, there are enormous differences that you have to take into account. By the way, it’s not a very good idea to use your own preferences as a basis for decision-making when selecting products. This often leads to shops that look pretty but don’t generate sales. On the other hand, online shops are often successful, where a stationary company also offers the existing products online. Because these shops know their customers, know which products are in demand and use the online shop cleverly as an additional sales channel.

FAQ: Which shop system is the best?


Every shop software vendor claims to have the best solution. In fact, there is not one shop solution that is best. Because whether an e-commerce solution is good or not always depends on how well it fits the requirements of the shop owner. High-end solutions such as Magento, SAP Hybris or the Salesforce Commerce Cloud offer opportunities to scale e-commerce that many other shop systems do not offer. Nevertheless, these profile solutions are not suitable for many shop operators because they are too expensive and oversized. At the other end, we find modular systems that could originally only be used to create a simple homepage. Most shop operators are not happy with this either, because important functions are missing that are necessary for professional work. If your shop is to become more than just a hobby, but you are still far from playing in the professional league, then take a look at one of the systems that are suitable for both small shops and medium-sized e-commerce companies. These include Shopify, Shopware, VersaCommerce, Lightspeed and WooCommerce.

Popular solutions for small online shops

Shopsysteme für kleine WebshopsIn fact, there are also a not inconsiderable number of small businesses for which their own online shop is more of a hobby than a business. Often these are small shops that sell homemade goods or similar. After Dawanda was suddenly gone as a sales platform, many a seller realized that his own small online shop offers more independence than selling via platforms such as Dawanda, Etsy or Amazon Handmade. But only very few of these merchants are really successful, because they often lack the necessary e-commerce and marketing know-how. If you’d like to create such a small shop for yourself, Jimdo and Wix are the perfect choice.

The Jimdo website builder

Jimdo’s website builder is popular with beginners. First and foremost, Jimdo is a construction kit for creating small websites. Jimdo owes its popularity to its ease of use and reasonable prices, because the target group consists of people who have no programming skills and a small budget. So with Jimdo Free you can create a small website completely free of charge.  If you want to use Jimdo to open a web shop, you should be aware that Jimdo is only suitable for very small online shops. Jimdo is recommended primarily for small businesses and if you want to run your shop as a hobby. Because functions, which are essential in a professional shop, are missing with Jimdo. But the costs are manageable. For a shop with up to 15 products the package Pro is sufficient for monthly 5,- Euro. If you want more products, you pay between 15,- and 35,- Euro per month (booth 11/2018).

Create a webshop with Wix

Just like Jimdo, WIX is first and foremost a homepage construction kit. The provider with the suboptimal name for the German market comes from Israel. Target group are exactly like with Jimdo Kleinstunternehmer. You can start with the homepage construction kit of WIX free of charge and uncomplicated. You can also test the shop function at WIX in the preview free of charge. If you want to put the WIX Shop online and sell it, you have to conclude a Premium Package to accept payments. The monthly costs for a web shop at WIX for the shop are between approx. 16,- and almost 25,- Euro (booth 11/2018). The advantage of WIX over Jimdo is the more modern design of the shop and homepage templates. WIX is just as suitable as Jimdo exclusively for hobby shop operators, self-employed and small online shops. If you are planning a larger shop, other shop systems are more suitable for you.

Strato Webshop

Beginners often also want to create an online shop with Strato, because advertising conveys a positive impression. However, the Strato Webshop is only recommended for small shops. The design is piefig, there is no possibility to test Strato free of charge and the attractive prices apply only for the first months. After that Strato will be much more expensive. Another drawback: Strato webshops have a reputation for being particularly slow. At a time when loading time plays an important role for SEO, this is unfavorable for the visibility of your online shop.

Create online shop with Amazon and Ebay connection

The turnover of e-commerce beginners is often a long time coming. Creating an online shop is therefore not enough. Usually it is necessary to sell additionally on Amazon and Ebay. In fact, the products are sold here much faster than in your own online shop. Therefore it makes sense to pay attention to appropriate functions and interfaces when choosing the e-commerce software. If your online shop has Amazon and Ebay connections, this makes your work easier and allows you to sell more products.

Shop Marketing

Creating an online store is not the difficulty. The real challenge is marketing. Especially as an e-commerce beginner your advertising budget will be limited and Google Ads are expensive. A few wrong settings and the advertising budget is already squandered. Therefore it makes sense to win subscribers for your newsletter. Because the newsletter is still the most effective form of marketing. By mail you can inform subscribers in your newsletter about new articles and discounts. Unlike Google Ads, the costs for this are very low or even free. Your own blog, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are also great ways to bring visitors to your online shop. Well-made product pictures and interesting articles cleverly placed in the social media channels are another good help to generate traffic in several ways. SEO should also be a central part of your marketing. Because through the right SEO measures you can improve your rankings in the search engines in the medium and long term and thus generate more traffic. However, you should always be aware that SEO today is connected with considerable effort and takes a certain time until results become visible.

Most common errors in practice

Creating an online shop is easy today. To be successful with your own online shop, on the other hand, is anything but easy. If you manage to avoid some of the biggest mistakes and pitfalls, you have already won a lot. Here are some common trip hazards:

  • The shipping time is too long.
  • A lack of expertise and Internet affinity can be found among a surprisingly large number of shop operators.
  • You want to create your own online shop and do not need help, although you could use it for your business.
  • You are using a homepage construction kit from a provider that does not offer the necessary functions for your web shop.
  • The shop design looks unprofessional
  • You think the webshop would run on its own. You don't care enough about email marketing, Facebook, SEO and your Google ranking.
  • You're trying to sell products that don't appeal to your customers.

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