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Mumbai Boy Creates Online Store and Here's What Happened

Oct 20th, 2019


  • It's too late to start an eCommerce business, right? Wrong! The best time is now.
  • He has been working as a delivery partner before he started his own business
  • Because he couldn't afford to invest much money, he started with dropshipping

WHEN SHALABH WAS 18 years old, he knew exactly what he wanted. His dream was to work for Google or Mercedes Benz. Shalabh wanted to be part of a big international company that offers not only a good salary and training but also an attractive work-life balance.

SHALABH DREAMED that once he worked for one of these companies, he would get the opportunity to travel to places like Europe and the US. He would make good money, support his family, and see the world.

You will not believe how easy it is to start a dropshipping business

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BUT THOSE DREAMS were dashed because he didn't have a degree and no qualifications to land any of these exciting jobs. He comes from a poor family. Shalabh didn't have relevant work experience and no connections.

SO HE REALISED, they would never accept him for one of the management jobs that he wanted. When he found that his near future would not be in one of his dream companies, he started to look for other jobs. Once, he landed a job in a factory for six months. Then he worked as a delivery partner at an app-based food delivery company

NOTHING OF THIS was close to his dream. He could hardly pay his bills, had no chance to support his family, and no way to see the world. But he didn't give up. He kept searching the internet for ways how to make money online to escape his unfortunate destiny.

DEEP INSIDE, he knew there was more for him waiting somewhere in this prospering online world. So one day it happened. He came across the idea of dropshipping.

WHAT IS DROPSHIPPING? It's an order fulfillment strategy where the retailer relies on manufacturers or wholesalers to ship orders to customers. The retailer itself does not keep products or inventory. 

THE SIGNIFICANT BENEFIT of dropshipping is that it's possible to start a business with virtually no money in your pockets. Another bonus: You can sell worldwide. Shalabh couldn't believe that such a business model would work.


"If someone like me can succeed, everybody can do it. I believe that everybody deserves the right to make enough money to live a joyful life. Start now."

BUT THEN he read that in the US, even kids are making tons of money with an online business. So he decided to give it a try. He had nothing to lose.

HE STARTED with a free Shopify account. Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that enables everybody to start an eCommerce business. 

THE STORE was set up in virtually no time. He was surprised at how easy it was. Shalabh selected a range of products that he wanted to offer in his shop. 

TO SELL, he had to switch his Shopify account to a monthly plan. He was scared to do this because $29 was a lot of money for him at this time. But finally, he overcame his fears of losing that money and started to sell. 

IN THE BEGINNING, he just used free traffic sources to promote his online store. Once the first sales came in, he invested this money and bought Facebook ads to attract more clients, especially from the US.

AFTER ONLY SEVEN WEEKS, he was able to quit his delivery job and focus only on his own business. Soon later, Shalabh was able to support his family and introduce them to a whole new lifestyle. 

NOW, AFTER LESS THAN A YEAR in eCommerce, he lives a life far beyond his dreams. He traveled already two times to the US and one time to Europe. He can manage his dropshipping business from everywhere in the world. 

THE ONLY THING HE NEEDS is his notebook or his mobile phone. So finally, he's more than happy that his original vision dashed. Because his reality is much better than any dream could ever be. 

HE'S GOT a thriving business, and he can live a life that is better than anything he could have imagined. But what does Shlabh say about his new life?

"IF SOMEONE LIKE ME can succeed, everybody can do it. I believe that everybody deserves the right to make enough money to live a joyful life. Stop dreaming, start your own business. Fire your boss. 

YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE, and you owe it to your family. Remember: There is nothing to lose. I am Shalabh, a young man from Mumbai who started his own dropshipping business and ended poverty for himself and his family."

Family shopping online

Mobile E-Commerce

E-Commerce is growing

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  • Complete eCommerce platform
  • Easy online store setup
  • No programming skills
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  • Start dropshipping with virtually no money

Starting your own online business with Shopify is utterly phenomenal. I have no programming skills, but it was so simple to create my online store.  

Nahla Business Owner

eCommerce in India

  • By 2026 the Indian eCommerce market is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion
  • India has the highest growth rate in online commerce worldwide
  • WIth dropshipping online shoppers can be reached worldwide
  • eCommerce offers start-ups a whole new perspective
  • Entrepreneurs now are getting rich in no time

"going from broke to boss"

Pravin Raj Hayre

Creating my online store helped me going from broke to boss. By creating a dropshipping business, a wide range of new opportunities and options gave my life a whole new perspective. At first, I didn't have enough money to buy goods in stock. Dropshipping was the solution. With plenty of money, I now can live the life I want to live.

"best decision we ever took"

Kailash & Aditi Varma

Starting our own online business was probably the best decision we ever took! The money is awesome! The Shopify dashboard is really easy to understand and navigate. Overall it includes super cool modern themes for our shop. It's so easy to start selling online. I love it and would definitely recommend this business to anyone!

"7 Lakh in 17 days"

Tanay Jhaveri

I was in a position where I needed to waste as little time as possible to reach 7 Lakh profit. I was not a newbie to internet marketing; I've run a couple of online-based businesses in the past, but no online shop. I chose to focus on ecom plus Facebook ads. As a result, I made the needed 7 Lakh in 17 days. It's embarrassing how long I spend "getting my ducks in a row" instead of starting my shop.